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The Weekend After

French Word of the Day: rester (res-tay)- to rest My couch and I have been hanging out this weekend.  Occasionally, someone joins us to watch movies.  (Rocio’s coming back to a Netflix full of recommendations for chick flicks instead of … Continue reading

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C’est ici!

French Word(s) of the Day: C’est ici! (say ee-see)- it’s here! Well everyone, it’s chemo time.  Based on the messages and words of comfort I’ve gotten from everyone, you’re all way more freaked out about this than I am.  I … Continue reading

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Saint Valentin, Le Retour

French Word of the Day: retour (ray- ter)- return This is my fourth time posting this week.  I’m giving everyone a false sense of how prolific I am.  Please don’t expect this next week or ever again.  Normally, I’d wait … Continue reading

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Auto Immune Diseases Are Putting A Damper on My Social Life

French Word of the Day: non! (no)- no Lady Gaga is currently suffering from inflamed joints that have made it too painful to even walk.  (Sound familiar?)  She’s cancelled her Chicago shows…. as in the show I was attending. She tested boarder line positive … Continue reading

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Purple Tutu

French Word of the Day: tutu (tew-tew)- tutu My chemotherapy session had to be rescheduled to the 20th because the hospital didn’t put me properly in the system.  I managed to rearrange my schedule to fit theirs, further proving my … Continue reading

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New Eating Habits

French Word of the Day:  carême (car-em)- Lent I’ve mentioned my new diet in the past. After getting my new diagnosis, I unleashed my inner journalist and researched everything I possibly could about food. My diet now cuts out high sodium, … Continue reading

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Lactose Intolerance

French Word of the Day: essence (es- sawn-suh)- essence I had a fabulous 25th birthday.  I felt extremely spoiled by the end of it.  There was lots of merriment and food, just as every quarter century celebration should have. One … Continue reading

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