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Love the Louvre

French Word of the Day: fatigue (fah-tea-gay)- tired I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day.  I spent mine filing my taxes. (I can hear you all swooning at how romantic that is.)  It was true romance between Uncle … Continue reading

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Saint Valentin, Le Retour

French Word of the Day: retour (ray- ter)- return This is my fourth time posting this week.  I’m giving everyone a false sense of how prolific I am.  Please don’t expect this next week or ever again.  Normally, I’d wait … Continue reading

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Some Sparkly Hearts for Everyone

French Word(s) of the Day: scintillement (sun-teal-mon)- glitter You can tell it’s that time of year again… Le jour de la Saint–Valentin.  (I don’t know why the French used the feminine definite article for a male saint, but I’m going to … Continue reading

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