Love the Louvre

French Word of the Day: fatigue (fah-tea-gay)- tired

I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day.  I spent mine filing my taxes. (I can hear you all swooning at how romantic that is.)  It was true romance between Uncle Sam and me.  I wanted to leave him, but he told me that I couldn’t because he needed me [to give him even more money].

Valentine’s Day posts have become my grand tradition, mainly because “sparkly love hearts” is the most common term used to find this blog.  I even had someone search that term in Arabic.

For all you sparkly lovers out there, here you go:

sparly love heart

For my follow French enthusiasts, it’s Louvre time.

These Roman bros are just as excited as you are.  Check out the fist pumps:

Roman Bros

We’d had a late night before the Louvre, so we were not as awake as the above gentlemen.  We were channeling this statue:

Naked Statue

The people next to it are incredibly unimpressed.

Really, people just weren’t that interested in the art that day.

Check out the Mona Lisa.  Or don't.

I mean, that’s the Mona Lisa, and only about 5 people are paying attention to her.

I hope you all enjoy her huge wall.  It’s a such a big wall for such a small painting.  She also gets her own security guards.  She is truly the Beyonce of paintings.

But what about the other side of the wall, you ask?  You’ve always secretly wondered what was on the other side of that ridiculously large wall.  Well, I’m here to show you!

Titien "Portrait D'Homme"

Look how depressed Titien’s L’Homme au Gant looks (translation: Man with a Glove. Painters are super creative with names).  He knows nobody’s here to see him.  They’re all about Mona.  He’s so sad that he can’t even put on both of his gloves.  I mean, he doesn’t get security guards or a bullet-proof glass case.  What does a guy have to do to get some credit around here, anyway?

The Winged Victory was out for renovations, but we did get some Venus de Milo action.

Venus de Milo

The man behind me pushed me while I was taking this and then cut in front of me, so you will have to resort to Google to get a better view.

Don’t worry; karma got him in the form of a group of school children.

Sam and I managed to get everyone lost in the museum.  To be fair, many of the staircases are closed off for no apparent reason.  On the maps of the Louvre, it looks like there are stairs up ahead, but it generally turns out to be a wall that says “Do not enter.”  The museum’s cartographer is playing a cruel, cruel trick on all of the tourists.  Or developing the world’s best maze.

It took us 45 minutes to find an exit.  That’s potentially a problem if there’s ever a fire.  Not they ever have to worry about that; it’s not like paintings are flammable or anything.

But enough about fire hazards; this is a Valentine’s Day post.  I’m ending it with some lovers.

Painting Flirtations

Proof that musicians have been kryptonite for women for all time.

But let’s go for some real love action here.  Cupid is the reason for the season (or a guy who got killed because he was helping people get married- same thing).  Here’s the master of love with his lady love:

Psyche Revived by Cupid's Kiss

Love to everyone!


Saint Valentin, Le Retour

French Word of the Day: retour (ray- ter)- return

This is my fourth time posting this week.  I’m giving everyone a false sense of how prolific I am.  Please don’t expect this next week or ever again.  Normally, I’d wait a bit to post again, but I’ve posted every single year for Valentine’s Day.  (And by every single year, I mean the last two years.)  You can’t break tradition.

It’s become very fashionable to hate Valentine’s Day, especially if you’re single.  I completely sympathize.  Television stations are exclusively playing awful chick flicks.  (I love a good chick flick, but can we discuss how terrible Sweet November is?  I got stuck watching it on Saturday.  Keanu Reeves- normally unparalleled in his awful acting- went above and beyond even his own worst role.)

My inbox and social media has been flooded with single friends’ statements of anti commercialism  and it’s becoming rather annoying.  Please stop.  You all sound extremely bitter.  I’m allowed to say this because I’m also single.  (Couples, don’t even attempt to say something.  You will be brutally rebuffed.)

Even though most of my close friends are currently in relationships, we decided to take a different route this year.  Valentine’s Day shouldn’t just be about trying to find a meaningful gift for the person (or people) you’re dating; you have your anniversary to do that.  Today should also be about everyone you care about.  To that end, we’re all having a huge group Valentine’s Day celebration with pizza and two games devoted to love: Wink Murder and Cards Against Humanity.

I hope you’re all spending the day telling the people you care about that you love them!

Because the most popular search term for finding this blog is some form of “sparkly  hearts,” I’m ending on a glittery note.  Currently, this term has been searched for 1,800 times.  I’m glad I’m not the only person concerned with sparkly hearts.  Here’s for all you dreamers out there:

Source: Zakka Life

Some Sparkly Hearts for Everyone

French Word(s) of the Day: scintillement (sun-teal-mon)- glitter

You can tell it’s that time of year again… Le jour de la SaintValentin.  (I don’t know why the French used the feminine definite article for a male saint, but I’m going to roll with it.)

Saint Valentine performed marriage ceremonies for couples at a time when it was illegal for them to marry.  He was imprisoned for his efforts, and eventually stoned and beheaded.  So naturally, we celebrate him with sparkly hearts and chocolate.

Accordingly, the current most-searched terms on my blog are: pink sparkly love hearts, valentine’s day glitter cards, bon saint valentin (spelled various different ways), pink valentine heart gif, and…   Snooki?  I’m not going to dwell on that one.  If you want Snooki to be your valentine, more power to you.

Here’s to love in all its forms!  This lovely street art can be found on rue Saint Lazare.

And because it’s tradition, sparkly pink hearts: