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Thinking of Paris

French Word(s) of the Day: la paix– Peace The attacks that happened last night were horrific, and I’m thinking of all of my friends and family in Paris. My friends and family were all safe, but my heart goes out … Continue reading

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Love the Louvre

French Word of the Day: fatigue (fah-tea-gay)- tired I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day.  I spent mine filing my taxes. (I can hear you all swooning at how romantic that is.)  It was true romance between Uncle … Continue reading

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French Word of the Day: Montmartre (mon-mar-truh)- the area of Paris with Sacre Coeur, Amelie and large amounts of sex shops As you probably know, I went to Paris as a “you made it through chemo!” thing.  I get the … Continue reading

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November, Where Art Thou?

French Word of the Day: disparu (diss-par-ew)- gone, disappeared For those of you who think the title should be “Wherefore art thou” like the line from Shakespeare’s Romeo & Juliet, you’re incorrect.  Wherefore means why.  It’s a common misconception that … Continue reading

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Hasta La Bye Bye and a Merci

French Word of the Day: MERCIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! (mare-sea)- thank you (excitedly written) Thank you so much to everyone who donated to the Lupus Walk/ was a part of the Lupus Walk.  You guys, we raised a LOT of money! I was … Continue reading

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French Word of the Day: Métro (met-row)- metro I love public transportation.  It lets me walk and think.  I don’t have to worry about hitting anyone while reading, because someone else is driving. Paris has an amazing system.  You pretty … Continue reading

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