French Word of the Day: spectacles (speck-tack)- show

I’m currently writing this post in the dark, as all my lights have decided to go out AT THE SAME TIME.  Why are they not being fixed?  Apparently the guy who fixes them (only one person knows how, of course) decided to take today off.  He might be in tomorrow.  Maybe not.  We’ll see.  Or rather, I won’t see.  Because I don’t have lights.

This has not been my only problem with my lights.  This Friday at 6:45 pm, the fuses in my room all blew out at the same time.  Notice that I don’t say that I blew out the fuses, because I didn’t.   I was washing my hands in the sink- which is not connected to a fuse.

Of course, the direction for the foyer leaves at 7pm and doesn’t return until Monday.  This is when they told me that they would be able to fix the problem.  Luckily, I’m a resourceful girl who managed to fix the lights.  Unluckily, the fuse for the fridge (and the outlets and therefore the internet) did not work, so all my food rotted and my room smelled like I was housing a corpse… In other words, it smelled like a French fridge.

Naturally, I’m unhappy with them.  If no one comes to fix my lights tomorrow, I will give them a true American shout fest.  Thanks to my French business class, I know how to be a difficult customer.  AND DIFFICULT I SHALL BE.

You don’t make Meghan angry.  You wouldn’t like her when she’s angry.

Moving on…

Last Monday, Théo sent me a text that read, “Would you like to go to Disneyland on Saturday?”  I assumed this was a rhetorical question.  I knew what he really meant to ask was “Will you be doing anything that will render you unconscious and/or unable to move on Saturday?”

It was everyone’s birthday last week, so they all decided to go celebrate at Disneyland.  And now I know that French people all secretly like Disney.

It was negative something degrees Celsius, and yet half of Paris was at Disneyland.  The last time I went, it was about 50 degrees Fahrenheit and no one was there.  The French defy logic.  Either that or everyone thought, “No one will be as foolish as we are!  Who goes to Disneyland when it’s snowing?  Ha ha!  We have bested you all!”

French people are too fashionable to be warm in the winter.  They have stylish hats, coats, boots and scarves and stand there shivering.  This does not work well when you’re standing outside in line for 45-80 minutes.

Théo decided to be un-French, and wouldn’t let me leave for the train station until I was wearing at least 12 layers of clothing.  I couldn’t move, but at least I was warm.

Unlike the time I went with Molly, we did not have a plan of attack.  I was okay with that because of all the happiness and joy that surrounded me.  Mickey!  Goofy!  Christmas songs in English!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s also best if you go to Disney after a long night’s rest.  As most of the group had been celebrating birthdays in a pub until 2:30am, this was not the case.

I went to bed earlier than that, I would like to make it known.

Anyway, because everyone was dead/ hungover/ cold, we didn’t go on an incredible amount of rides.  But still, we got the all the big ones except for Splash Mountain, because no one goes on water rides in the cold.  Even me.  We saw many shows (or spectacles) because those were inside.  In the heat.

I saw many job opportunities.  Red-nosed Snow White, Mistletoe Minnie, not-really-Asian Mulan…  Naturally, I’m writing off this expedition as a business trip.  I might have to make several more business trips in the next few months, just to make sure it’s a good fit.  You can never be too sure.

Pain au chocolat count: 34


2 thoughts on “DisneyLAND!!!!

  1. Cleo Krueger says:

    I have been following your blog and find it to be vraiment clever and funny.
    You go, jeune fille!
    I see in this the makings of a topselling book.
    Here’s to more entertaining installments for me, and pains au choclat for you!
    Cleo Krueger

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