Snow! Snow?! Snow?

French Word(s) of the Day: Il neige (ill neh-zh)- It’s snowing

Paris got snow on Wednesday, and it actually stuck.  Snow never sticks in Paris, so this led to widespread panic and buses being canceled.  Some people slept in their cars because they couldn’t make it home/ were too afraid to try.  (No, I’m not kidding.)

Based on that report, you would think that Paris had had a severe snowstorm, right?  I mean, that has to be several feet of snow right there.

4 inches.  It was gone by the next morning.  Although the remnants of several snowmen were scattered throughout the Luxembourg Gardens.

Which, by the way, still has flowers blooming in it.

The title of today’s post reflects the Parisian’s feelings towards snow.  First, they were excited to see it.  Then, they were upset and distressed when they realized it was staying.  Lastly, they ignored that it had ever existed and went about life as usual.

I assume they feel the same way about Johnny Depp.

Pain au chocolat count: 35


One thought on “Snow! Snow?! Snow?

  1. Did I ever tell you about the time Matthew drove a cab in DC because it was snowing? Seriously. The cab driver was from a country where it doesn’t snow. And everyone else in DC was basically acting as if they were under nuclear attack. Over flurries.

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