French Word of the Day: entretien (on-trah-tea-awn)- interview

Widely known fact: I have an internship next semester.

Lesser known fact: I don’t actually know what it’s going to be because my program finds one for me.

I had high hopes that this would mean that they would just show my translated CV around and someone would say, “Well, she sounds like she might not be incompetent.  We’ll take her!”

Apparently in France you also have to have interviews.

A normal interview is terrifying enough, but my years of being an English major have made me an excellent BS-er.  I can make up a satisfying answer to almost any question.  If I didn’t have a soul and a conscience, I would make an excellent politician.

But of course, that’s English.  This interview is going to be conducted in French.  In the length of time it would take me to formulate an awesome answer if the interview was in English, I will still be trying to translate what the interviewer actually asked me.

Yesterday, I got an interview offer from a magazine that promotes Australia to French students as a place to study abroad.  Judging from the enthusiasm Europe as a whole has for Australia, I assume the magazine just needs one page that says, “We allow French people in Australia to study!” with a contact number and nothing else.

Regardless, I need to get my journalistic and educational French lingo down.  I talked to the program and they agreed to schedule my interview for January, when I return.

I should probably start studying; I have a test on the subjunctive.  I’m not sure we ever actually learned that, so this should be one interesting test.

Pain au chocolat count: 36


One thought on “Interview

  1. Good luck woman! I think you’d be awesome at that!

    Also, I can’t believe how much my English major prepared me for interviews … I can’t believe how well I BS’d such awesome answers for my recent interview.

    PS are you coming back to the States anytime this holiday season? And did you get something in the mail from me in the last couple weeks (not the card)?

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