French Word of the Day: Métro (met-row)- metro

I love public transportation.  It lets me walk and think.  I don’t have to worry about hitting anyone while reading, because someone else is driving.

Paris has an amazing system.  You pretty much can’t beat it.  The métro alone goes all over the place.  You have to search pretty hard NOT to find a stop somewhere nearby.

Pigalle was in Amélie, for all the fans out there.  If you want to see more places, here’s a lovely little list.

You should also know that the inside of the trains aren’t generally as nice as the one I took a picture of.  That’s a new train.

Chicago’s El system isn’t quite as widespread as the metro.  It’s not bad, the stop are just much further apart.

I’ll give this to Chicago, though- it has some lovely stations on its El system.

My favorite is Quincy, which was built in 1897.

I’m assuming the blue plastic edgings are from the original 1897 materials.

In this case, Paris wins in efficiency and Chicago wins in old-timey aesthetic.


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