Thank You for the Information

French Word(s) of the Day: les parents (lay pair-awn)- the parents

Because I’ve been to France, everyone emails me anytime anything even remotely related to France, the French, or French words appears in the news or their lives. Someone going to France? Email Meghan! A French phrase just appeared in your book? Email Meghan! The French did something to another country? Email Meghan! Want to decorate your kitchen in the French style? Obviously, Meghan studied decorating in France; email her!

(Anyone who asks me any decorating questions will be directed to Google or  HGTV.)

Don’t get me wrong- I love France. I love hearing about it, and will discuss it for hours at end if given the opportunity. By all means, continue to send me things and ask questions.

However, I have no children and no intention to have any soon, but I’ve been repeatedly sent an article entitled “Why French Parents Are Superior.” Save holding up a sign that says, “Yeah, I’ve seen it. Thanks.” I think posting a link to it on the blog is the only way to stop people from emailing/ texting/ telling me all about it.

For all those crazy, helicopter, American parents out there, here you go:


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