A Very Merry Disney Halloween Christmas

French Word(s) of the Day: Tout ce que je veux pour Noël c’est toi (too sah kah jah voo pour no-el say twah)- All I want for Christmas is you

My phone’s been acting up lately, so I am terrified that all my pictures are going to die.  This means tons of backlogged posts that I hadn’t gotten to yet will be appearing in the next few weeks.

We’ve got a lot to catch up on, folks!

I visited my sister, Alyssa, in California earlier this year.  She’s been living there for work.  She started a blog that she updates every so often (read: never).  I believe the last post was from October 5th.   See?  There are people worse at updating than me.

Disneyland was necessary during my visit as it’s my life goal to make it to every single Disney park at some point in my life.

This castle is Disney’s smallest and is Sleeping Beauty’s.  She has 3: this one, Paris, and Hong Kong.  If you’re going to be a true royal, you must bankrupt your subjects by using their tax dollars for castle upkeep.

We went to Disneyland when it was all spiffed up for Halloween.

They completely changed the Haunted House into Nightmare Before Christmas… it was like Christmas AND Halloween (and therefore appropriate for right now 😉 )

I’m glad that it now looks like I planned putting off this entry all along so that we could get some Christmas love here.

We also bought tiaras because why wouldn’t you?  All the park people bowed to us and said “Your highnesses.”  I wish people would do this to me in real life instead of staring at me like I’m crazy when I wear a tiara in public.

Mine fell off during Splash Mountain, but never fear!  A purple tiara found its way back to me by the end of the day…

The tiara is currently on my night stand waiting for an excuse to be worn again.  The 3D glasses I gave back to Disney.

Merry Christmas, everyone!  And if you don’t celebrate Christmas, Happy Halloween!

(Ok, more like a day left.  But I am close!)


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