Hooray for Hollywood!

French Word of the Day: acteur (act-tur)- actor

Alyssa and I got in some Hollywood time during  my trip.  Hollywood and Disney basically define my life.  Due to the amount of celebrity sites I go on during downtime at work, I know more about who’s dating who/divorcing who/having whose baby than anyone probably should.

If you don’t believe me, you should know that the tour guide was checking all his celebrity gossip info with Alyssa and me by the end of the trip.  “I think Blake Lively is single now.”  “Um sir, actually…”

I’m not ashamed.

Now for some paparazzi-esque photos of star homes!  I love cellphone cameras because they let you take really awful, tiny pictures of things you could probably just Google image search, but your phone lets you know you were ACTUALLY THERE.

Tom Hank’s house!  (And Alyssa’s hair.  It just couldn’t resist Tom’s siren call.)

This one of Julia Robert’s house is really stalkerish of me.  You can’t even really see it…

Ringo Star’s gate proving that I really will take a picture of anything related to celebrities.  (Although really, check out those stars!  I want hearts on my gate.)

I believe this needs no introduction.

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre was next on our list.

My feet are really this small.

Gregory Peck and I have put our hands in the SAME PLACE.  Of course, so have millions of other people (and their germs), but I’m choosing to ignore that.

The stars I took pictures on the walk of fame show both which stars I like and which ones no one was walking over at the time I wanted to take a picture.

People don’t walk on Doris because you can’t walk on pure happiness.

I made people stop walking on this so I could take a picture of it.  TOM SELLECK (circa that time on Friends when he dated Monica), I LOVE YOU!!!!!

The day ended with Vivian’s apartment from Pretty Woman.  Did any of you know it was actually a hotel?  I had no idea because I don’t pay attention.

All the celebrities talk about In-N-Out Burger.  We don’t have any in the Midwest, so I had to try it for myself.  Turns out, it tastes… like a burger.  They have a secret menu (although not secret anymore because I just told you about it) that only cool people know about.  My sister ordered off of that one because she’s a cool Californian now.

It’s on their website, so really, it’s the worst kept secret ever.

And with that, I’m out.  (I’m so clever with that pun.)


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