Une Visite!

French Word(s) of the Day: chuis bo (shh-wee bow)- I’m pretty (for men; “chuis bo” is the shortened version of “je suis beau”)

Louis came to America for a visit!  I always try to force people to come and see me, and I’m always shocked when they actually do.

He had his first real Halloween and was very entertained by all the trick-or-treaters.  Before we walked by the Boystown Halloween Parade, we went to Walgreens to get last second costumes.  I thought we’d only be able to find vampire fangs, but we actually found animal hats.

Courtesy of Louis

I know: penguins are a great look for me.  Why do I ever bother NOT wearing this?

Louis also looked fabulous (he even lent his sunglasses to his canine friend):

Courtesy of Louis

Our fashion sense clearly shows that we live/ have lived in Paris.  I expect Chanel to debut these hats soon.

In honor of our attractiveness, we sang this song all week:

Go to 1:10 for the song.  The first minute is them talking.

More to come!  For now, stay pretty.


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