C’est ici!

French Word(s) of the Day: C’est ici! (say ee-see)- it’s here!

Well everyone, it’s chemo time.  Based on the messages and words of comfort I’ve gotten from everyone, you’re all way more freaked out about this than I am.  I appreciate the concern.  I’m doing splendidly.  I think I’m making people nervous with how calm I am.

I’m typing this while getting my IV.  I’ve got 6 hours to kill.

I knew everything was going to be okay when the nurse said, “You can eat and drink as much as you want whenever you want.”

They have a “Be respectful of those around you” policy, which is code for “no guitars.”  I don’t think I’ll get to fulfill my dream of starting a jam session in the infusion lab.  I’m not supposed to bend my arm during the infusion, so guitar playing isn’t an option.  There’s a little monitor that beeps every time your arm is bent too much.  Apparently my arm is constantly bending, because I’ve set that thing off about 3,000 times today.

My mom and dad both kept me company (they’re such troopers, those two!) and got to watch me as I attempted to eat lunch without moving my arm.  As I’m well known for my incredible coordination, this went well.  My shirt thought everything was delicious.

I’ve been reading all day, and it’s been glorious.  I’ve already finished a book during my time here.  I realize you’re not supposed to call time spent getting chemo glorious, but I’m an English major who doesn’t have time to read anymore.  It takes me weeks to finish a single book.  This is like being in a library… a ugly library where they stick you with needles and take your blood pressure every hour.

I had my dad take photos so that you’d all have photographic evidence that I’m not falling apart at the seams.

I may have forced him retake this photo several times, but he only rolled his eyes once because he loves me.
I may have forced him retake this photo several times, but he only rolled his eyes once because he loves me.
I had to tell off the photographer for his bad jokes.
I had to tell off the photographer for his bad jokes.

I shouldn’t get too sick, but I’ll post over the weekend so that you know I’m okay.  I have a very full schedule of hanging out and doing nothing planned.


15 thoughts on “C’est ici!

  1. Ann says:

    Meg you should wear the same shirt each time. Then when you finish chemo we can a have a ceremonial burning of the shirt at Big Star We can also have a celebration of NO MORE CHEMO and celebrate it’s done what it was supposed to do. Meg you are a trouper and an inspiration to us all. This weekend make no plans and just enjoy good rest and relaxation. xxoo

  2. Mary Rolfes says:

    Way to keep a positive attitude Meghan! Of course, you did have two wonderful cheerleaders with you. Thinking of you! –Mary

  3. Adriana Guzman says:

    Meghan, you are so darn funny! Sorry you have to go through this. It sucks! Seeing my husband battle his health issues, not too unlike yours, is very difficult. He’s gone through alot and I consider him the most courageous person I know. I’m sure the guy upstairs handed you a ton of courage to match that incredible wit of yours. Hang in there Meghan and stay positive. I’ll be rootin for you!!!

  4. Mary Smith says:

    We’re thinking about you in Seattle…and glad to see you smiling. 🙂 Let us know which good books you read! I read “The American Heiress” over the holidays – I couldn’t pass it up because it was advertised as a book for people who have Downton Abbey withdrawal (which I definitely had over the holidays)…entertaining.

  5. Margaret Osborn says:

    Hi Meghan,

    Please know my prayers are with you while your strength and calm demeanor face this treatment with grace and humor.

    Sounds like you had good company today to help you pass the time when you were not reading.

  6. Brigid McCormick says:

    Having gone through chemo myself, it isn’t easy. Bottom line is that you get through it and move on with better health. Hang in there, this too shall pass.

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