The Weekend After

French Word of the Day: rester (res-tay)- to rest

My couch and I have been hanging out this weekend.  Occasionally, someone joins us to watch movies.  (Rocio’s coming back to a Netflix full of recommendations for chick flicks instead of horror films.  That’s going to be a fun surprise.  Maybe there’s one that mixes the two genres?  I’d watch that.)

Napping Meekrats

I didn’t get as sick as I thought I might.  I started having stomach pain on Friday night and it persisted every time I tried to eat something.  (I try to eat things a lot.)  My stomach and I finally compromised on saltines and bananas.

I was still a bit nauseated when I went into work today, but I found my magic drug: ginger beer.  It’s magic wrapped in magic.  My stomach has been behaving since the very first sip. This worked well because it was my coworker’s birthday today, and someone brought in cake.  I can’t turn down cake.  That’s just wrong. (Wanting to eat cake after being nauseated earlier is a completely normal response.  Probably.)

Overall?  Not too bad.  The CellCept was way worse.  I can do this five more times.


4 thoughts on “The Weekend After

  1. Ann says:

    You can do it Meg. I’ll give you some recommendations of other foods you should try. Looks like you are adopting the diet I was talking about… white foods. Canada Dry Ginger ale. Brown rice….oat meal.

  2. I get the bulk of my chemo on Wednesday and then get sent home attached to an infusion pump for 48 hours. When they detach the pump on Friday, I have about 2 hours until I become one with my recliner. Sleep, sleep, sleep until late Monday. In my pre-meds I get a drug called Emend which completely squashes the nausea. If it’s a nausea problem for you, maybe they can add it to your chemo cocktail. Ginger Ale, bananas and birthday cake! Sounds like a great chemo recovery diet to me!

    Chemotherapy sucks, but lupus and cancer suck more!

    P.S. I’m a pal of your Mom’s from High School.

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