Week One

French Word(s) of the Day: plus tard (plew tard)- later

Thanks for the kind words, everyone!  This blog is intended to keep everyone curious informed.  If anyone asks how I’m doing, please feel free to send them this link.  They’ll probably say, “Can’t you just summarize?  Reading all that sounds like a lot of work.” But it exists!

The first week of strong medication is officially complete.  It wasn’t the complete and total success they were hoping for.  I spent the first four days getting sick every single night, so they took me off the CellCept for a bit.  (How excited are you all to currently have that image in your heads?!  I hope you’re not reading this while eating.)

They’re not sure if I caught a bug or if it was the medication, but we’re going a more gradual route for right now.

Don’t worry everyone; I’ve had my flu shot!  No more hospital visits for Meghan.  The last time was enough for the next few years, I should think.

I’m incredibly stubborn, so I’m refusing to let my medications take over my life as much as they’re trying to.  I’ve started a diet and exercise regimen to counteract their effects.  As it’s the start of the year, I’m pretty sure everyone in the office just thinks I’ve just made really intense New Year’s Resolutions.

The diet will be discussed at a later date in case there are any fellow Prednisone users out there interested.  (Spell check wants to change “Prednisone” to “prisoner.”  I think that’s a fairly accurate change.)

I’ve been feeling much better these last few days, and I’ve been pretty active.  I even made it to Pilates class yesterday and the gym today!  Even though it’s not on the diet, I did have some cake this weekend.  It’s never a bust week when there’s cake involved.

m&r's cake


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