New Eating Habits

French Word of the Day:  carême (car-em)- Lent

I’ve mentioned my new diet in the past. After getting my new diagnosis, I unleashed my inner journalist and researched everything I possibly could about food.

My diet now cuts out high sodium, white flour, white sugar, beef, and dairy (obviously).  That’s right.  I’m one of those annoying people who only eat whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.

And dark chocolate.  Which is totally a healthy food.

This fish and I are currently on the same diet.
This fish and I are currently on the same diet.

I’ll be eating mostly at home, because trying to find a low sodium, dairy free, whole grain option at restaurants is rather like trying to fit the Sears Tower through the eye of a needle: impossible.

As I’m already giving up most food, I’ve decided not to give anything up for Lent.  I think this more than counts.  In solidarity, my mom and sister Alyssa will be joining my diet. (There you go!  I’ve called you both out, so now you have to follow through 😉 )

I also tried to guilt my dad into following it, but he has informed me that as he grew up as a Methodist, Catholic guilt won’t work on him.

If anyone wants to try to talk him off drinking 3 million sodas a day (how about just going down to one a day?), I already played the “sick daughter” card and failed.  Good luck.


7 thoughts on “New Eating Habits

  1. I’ve been on that same yummy diet LOL since June. The great news is that I’m doing soooooo much better! Ive had ankylosing spondylitis for 22 years, and lupus for 16 years. Out of all the things I’ve tried, this anti-inflammatory diet works the best. Also, I’ve been drinking tons and tons of water. Like the fish in your picture, I eat the food too and drink so much water, I could probably turn into a giant squid any day. 😉 Anyway, I am absolutely amazed at how well it’s working. And….whenever I fall off the no sugar wagon (usually on a holiday, etc.) I have a flare-up. And would you believe that my signature on my personal email is “Is there any problem that chocolate can’t fix?” (Dark, of course.) 🙂 Keep hanging in there, Cherrie
    PS I don’t eliminate dairy, but have considered it.

  2. donna fostvedt says:

    Well you can tell your dad that even Todd gave up the ole “Dr. Pepper” over a year ago.
    He doesn’t drink any soda and is now a better man for having done so.

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