Purple Tutu

French Word of the Day: tutu (tew-tew)- tutu

My chemotherapy session had to be rescheduled to the 20th because the hospital didn’t put me properly in the system.  I managed to rearrange my schedule to fit theirs, further proving my point that I am a scheduling goddess and they- for lack of a better term- suck.

We’ve officially got a date for the Lupus Walk this year!  It’s September 29th, so I hope you’ve all got your purple wardrobes ready.

I won’t have to search for mine.  My cousin, Bridget, has taken care of that for me.  She sent me this in the mail:

This is what happens when Meghan's roommate leaves her alone.

This is what happens when Meghan’s roommate leaves her alone.

Puprle Tutu

The sunglasses were also a gift for my birthday, so those were an essential part of my ballet costume.

I understand why ballerinas like to dance- it’s absolutely the tutus.  They make your legs want to stand up and DANCE.  (Mainly because sitting in a tutu is rather difficult.)

Now, don’t you all want to put on your purple tutus and join my team?  Of course you do.


About The Meghan

I'm a lupus survivor who spent a year and a half in France. Now, I'm trying to incorporate the best parts of French culture into an American lifestyle.
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8 Responses to Purple Tutu

  1. siobhan says:

    I want a purple tutu!

  2. Ann says:

    I think you should wear that tutu to the Gaga show. On the plus side you’ll be able to enjoy the concert. Yes Meg…you are the ultimate scheduling Goddess. I’ll be at the walk with purple on.

  3. Connor Chadwick says:

    Looks great! Also, on ur previous blog post, I commented, but for some strange reason it did not show up.

  4. Kathy Badovinac says:

    The purple tutu looks good on you Megs! Count me to be on your team on September 29th!

  5. Bridget says:

    You’re seeing Gaga?? You must wear the tutu!!! And I’m glad you like it, I hope you can now properly jump dance! 🙂

  6. Connor Chadwick says:

    Ok, good!

  7. Love the tutu! Keep writing and pursing your passions. I also have lupus and ankylosing spondylitis, but also follow my dreams. Hang in there. Stop by my blog, based on the book I’m writing called Tooshie: Defeating the Body Image Bandit. If you get a chance, the link is http://www.tooshieblog.com.

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