La fête de la Saint-Patrick

French Word(s) of the Day: La fête de la Saint-Patrick (la fet day la sawn pah-treek)- St. Patrick’s Day

My next treatment is tomorrow, so I’ve spent my last two weekends having fun honoring my Irish ancestors.  (For the record, this does not mean I was drunk.  I’m only allowed a glass a day.  If I got drunk off that, my ancestors would bow their heads in shame.)

Chicago has embraced St. Patrick’s as its own personal holiday, and by embraced, I mean uses it as an excuse to indulge in near-fatal limits of alcohol.  We’ve also embraced other holidays for this purpose, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, but St. Patrick’s Day is by far the most heavily attended.  Drunk, green people can be found in every nook and cranny of the entire city.  (Sometimes they’re just wearing green, sometimes their skin is painted green and sometimes they’re temporarily green from being sick.)

I was feeling decently good for all the festivities, which was nice.  I lasted ALL of Saint Patrick’s Day and even got a few dances in at one of the bars we went to.

My cousin, Bridget, managed to make it to 21 without having a sip of alcohol.  Of course, this meant that she had to catch up on all the fun she’s been missing with a pub crawl.  I was only too happy to assist.  Don’t worry; she’s Irish.  She’s got the whole alcohol thing covered.  Not even a headache the next morning!  I’m so proud.

This necklace turned my neck green.  Luck o' the Irish my foot!
This necklace turned my neck green, so obviously it’s made of only the finest materials.

People did ask if she was wearing an Irish dancer’s wig.  Nope!  That hair is the real thing.

Also, can we observe how you can’t even tell mine’s been falling out?  I told you I had mad skillz.

I hope you all had merry St. Patrick’s Days!


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