Nouvel Appart

French Word of the Day: hipster (eep-stehr)- hipster (it’s hard to find a direct translation for this)


I’ve finally vacated the suburbs and moved on up to the north side (of Chicago).  I’ve been without the internets for 2 months, but we just had it installed so I’m back at long last.

My coworker, Rocio, and I have moved into a place only 15 minutes from our place of work.  I’ve missed city living since leaving my beloved Paris.  (Driving everywhere?  No, thank you.)

We found an apartment whose previous tenants were hipsters, so you know it’s all artsy.  I’ve made a guide for those looking for apartments in the near future….


How to tell if the apartment you’re viewing is currently owned by hipsters:


  1. Brick wall with a bike hanging on it
  2. Lack of furniture
  3. Scent of pot
  4. Typewriter for purely decorative purposes
  5. Bookshelves filled with obscure, artsy books
  6. Stacks of vinyl records
  7. Clutter everywhere
  8. Unmade beds
  9. The current tenant, glaring at you


Feel free to add to this list.



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