French Word of the Day: maman (mah mah)- mom (or mum, if you want to be British about it)

Many of you (read: most), don’t know my mom, but she’s quite the fabulous lady.  Her name is Siobhan (sha-vohn), and everyone loves her. The woman knows how to live.  She wants to enjoy life now, not in some far distance future.  In my eyes, this is the best philosophy.

She’s extremely witty, and my friends always get really excited whenever I have a new story of her latest adventures.  Our conversation today after someone talked about a robber they’d encountered:

Me: You know who would win against a robber?

Friend #1: Siobhan?  Because she would.

Friend #2: I’d put money on Siobhan.

She would also win in a fight against most super-villains.

My mom is turning 50 today!  Isn’t that awesome?!

So this is my mom:

I know exactly what you’re thinking: she looks goooooooooood for 50.

My genes rock.

It’s also my mom’s musical soulmate, Lady Gaga’s, birthday today.  You may not know this, but my mom and Lady Gaga are friends.

Mom gives her bff, Lady Gaga, a hug

Naturally, I think this song is appropriate for their big day:

Love you, Mom!  Happy birthday!



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