Toooooomorrow, Tomorrow, I’ll call you, Tomorrow. You’re only a day (or three) away!

French Word of the Day: demain (day-mawn)- tomorrow

To get off topic and be completely un-French…  I found a new Ken doll, and I’m sad that I’m only just now learning about him.

Sweet Talking Ken Doll

Based on the reviews alone, I want this doll.  “First of all Ken has these hard of rock pecs and when you press his hard rock pec and hold it down and say ‘YOU ARE THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!’ – then let go, guess what Ken says in his own manly voice? – He repeats what you just said…it’s sure to be sold out everywhere, I had a blast playing with it in the store and all of the employees were coming over to join in on the fun!”

I know I’m almost 23, but I feel you’re never too old to have a doll that will say whatever you want it to while sporting this haircut:

Moving away from Ken…  You’re probably all wondering why I didn’t update my blog to write about how the call from the woman who interviewed me went.

That would be because she never called me.  I think we have different ideas of the concept of “tomorrow.”  For me, “tomorrow” is the day after today.  I think her “tomorrow” is sometime within the next year and a half.  I’m talking to my internship people tomorrow (my tomorrow) to get this straightened out.

Tonight we had a cooking class in French.  I can cook.  I know how to measure things.  It’s just the instructions that I have trouble following.  For example, I have no trouble in English when something says to put the ingredients in a tiny cup.  Put it in French, and I don’t even know what the word for “tiny cup” is.

Even though my partner, Emily- who came here a week ago speaking no French at all- and I had no idea what we were doing, our food came out okay.  It’s probably better that no one in the room was listening to us.  Our conversations usually followed in this vein:

Emily: What’s that?

Me: It’s an ingredient.  I think.  Maybe.

Emily: What does it say we have to do with it?

Me: Um, something in French.

Emily: Should we just cut up everything that’s in front of us?

Me: It all gets mixed together, anyway.

We got a lot of help.  No one collapsed on the spot after consuming what we made, so I think we did all right.

Jenna and I have been talking about opening a bakery that specializes in pain au chocolat and macaroons, but our instructions will be in English so I should be okay with those.

Pain au chocolat count: 47


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