My Most Loyal Reader

French Word of the Day: cousin (coo-sawn)- cousin

If anyone were to ever go through the comments on each of my individual posts, they’d find that one person has commented more than everyone else combined: my cousin, Connor.  If it wasn’t for his encouragement,  I probably would have stopped this blog a year ago, but I can always count on a positive comment from him.

Today is Connor’s birthday, and he’s a truly fabulous individual, so he’s getting his own featured post.

Connor’s actually a movie star.  He was in in a documentary called The Long Green Line, which featured him as a runner with cerebral palsy.  This kid can run circles around me, and I’ve always been extremely impressed that he doesn’t let illness or any physical disability stop him from achieving his goals.  As a person with illness and the occasional physical disability, I look up to Connor.

He always has a smile on his face, and he’s the friendliest guy I know.  He can talk to anyone, anywhere.

So Connor: friend, inspiration, runner, and movie star, bon anniversaire!

Connor and me at the Southside Irish Parade

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