How to Quote

French Word of the Day: citation (see-tah-see-own)- quote

As an expert procrastinator, I love to look at motivational quotes.  These quotes never motivate me, but I feel like finding them is me being extremely productive.  Oprah has kindly dedicated her entire website to “You can do it!” articles.

I recently found one with happiness quotes, and was all for it until I saw this:


She quoted herself.

Now I’m aware that Oprah doesn’t write these articles, but it is her site.  That woman is a trend setter, and she’s going to start everyone quoting themselves. 

“I went on the train today.” -Meghan

See what you did, Oprah?


About The Meghan

I'm a lupus survivor who spent a year and a half in France. Now, I'm trying to incorporate the best parts of French culture into an American lifestyle.
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One Response to How to Quote

  1. Connor Chadwick says:

    I love your quote! It made my day!

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