Proper Macarons

French Word of the Day: macaron (mac-rown)- macaron

I’m going to clear something up for everyone.  This is not a macaron:

Courtesy of What's Cooking America

That’s a macaroon.  It’s Italian, has coconut, and isn’t what I’ve been craving the last few weeks.

This, my friends, is a macaron:

Courtesy of Ladurée

Ladurée, a world-famous, expensive (or “priced well above market value” if you want to be politically correct), French tea salon chain, even has a little story on their website about the origin.  They mention adding a pinch of “know-how;” I can only assume what they’re referring to has addictive properties.

Jenna came into town this weekend for a grad school interview, and we met up.

I had found some proper macarons in Chicago, so I insisted she accompany me there.  She resisted saying, “No, I don’t want to eat anything delicious today!” but I eventually convinced her.  (Actual conversation- Me: Macarons?   Jenna: Yes! When and where?)

We went here:

And had our mint tea and our macarons.

It was a perfect afternoon.


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