Bonbon? Pas bon? D’accord…

French Word of the Day: bonbon (bawn-bawn)- candy (bon is also the word for good… so it’s like saying good good)

I’m not rereading the post I wrote yesterday because I’m afraid of the mistakes/ awkward wording in it.  Sleep deprivation is not conducive to writing well.

Perrine (Bastien’s older sister) told me his favorite candy, so I’ve got my petit cadeau figured out.  I went to the candy shop today, and the owner was outside taking a smoke break.  He looked at me when I approached the door and said, “It’s closed.”  It was 3:50 in the afternoon.

Gotta love the French work ethic.

(In case anyone was wondering, the title means “Candy?  Not good?  Okay…”)  I guess I’ll buy the candy tomorrow.

I only have 4 days left in Tours before returning to the City of Lights.  I’m going to miss my teacher.  She actually teaches me things!  And she has a sense of humor.  Today she doodled all over the chalkboard, drawing hearts, stars, and sheep.  If that last one seems random, it was because we had to read an article about sheep for class.  The article was a lot less interesting than her doodles, but that’s to be expected.  Sheep aren’t interesting.  Unless you doodle with speech bubbles that read “I’m cute, aren’t I?” in French.

One of the British guys was playing Phantom of the Opera in the common room accompanied by some singing girl.  Although it was clear he had ulterior motives (he was complimenting her singing way too much… she wasn’t that good), Jenna and I joined in singing as loudly as we possibly could.  You can’t play Phantom in the common room and not expect people to belt the lyrics.

I was happy to find that Jenna knew all the words.  She has my seal of approval.

She showed me a miniseries that’s playing on the French version of HBO.  It’s about a brothel from the early 20th century called Maison Close.  It looks like the French version of True Blood, and we’re trying to stalk down someone with the channel (Arnaud and Théo both don’t get it… apparently you have to pay for it) so we can befriend them and use them for their television.  If any country could start a show about a brothel and make it a national event, it would be France.

Pain au chocolat count: 10.5


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