New York, New York

French Word of the Day: meuble (mwa-ebleh)- furniture

I’m going to keep up the French Word of the Day.  I’m going to bet I still have a few (thousand) to learn, and who doesn’t want a little bit more French in their life?

My employer sent me to New York to help with a conference.  I’ve never traveled for a job before, so having someone else pay for all my expenses was AWESOME.  I wish work paid for all my vacations.

The first day, I got free reign of the city.  I went to see a little-known museum that some people call “The Met.”  You’ve probably never heard of it.

It was raining.  I have that effect on New York.

Someday, we will all find out why museums feel the need to charge half a year’s salary as admission.  It seems to me that more people would come if it was cheaper, but what do I know about business?

The museum had distinct signs that forebode food, drink, and photos.  I ignored them all.  So did everyone else in the museum.  I think they were there for decoration.

The lovely thing about going to a museums by yourself is that you can see whatever you want for as long as you want.  I hung out by the Egyptians for an hour, taking clandestine photos of really old jewelry.

I also found this sarcophagus of an Egyptian queen who died when she was only 21.  I never thought a thousand-year-old sarcophagus would make me feel old.

And the ever-popular Temple of Dendur (which sounds like a video game), gifted to America by the Egyptians.  It’s from around 15 BC.  No big deal.  Just a few millennia older than our government.

I believe they built a moat around it to keep tourists away, but if there’s anything I’ve learned about tourists, it’s that they will never stop trying to climb on ancient buildings in order to take pictures for their Facebook profiles.  Seriously, the FBI could learn a few things from tourists.

The next section I went to was the American section.  The Met has decided to capitalize on our fascination with HGTV and recreate homes from every century in our governmental history.  It’s like “International House Hunters 1600’s-style.”  (For the record, I would watch that show.)

I got a picture of this 18th-century dining room:

I also stumbled upon the medieval section.  I’m writing this visit off as “research” for my future historical romance novel.

I will take name suggestions for all four knights.

After my tiring day wandering through the museum, I stumbled upon an overpriced cupcake stand.

You all know my love for cake dictates that I cannot turn down cupcakes, no matter how overpriced.

It started to rain 5 seconds after my cupcake purchase.  I attempted to eat the cupcake while simultaneously walking and holding an umbrella.  Any of you who have ever seen me walk before (I’m not very good at it) know that this was a poor decision.  Part of the cupcake dropped into my purse.

The purse is still recovering.

I had dinner with my coworkers and found out that one also works for a literary agent for…. ROMANCE NOVELS.  I’ve already warned her that I’m going to send her a really, really sappy story.  Well, i will whenever I actually get an idea for it/ write it.  In other words, I’ll send her a story next century.

I took a picture of the New York Library, even though I never got the chance to go into it.  Next time!  I shall return.

The next day, I actually had to work.  Life can’t be all cupcakes and furniture.  Well, unless you own a store that exclusively sells said objects.

If anyone decides to open that store, I’d love to go into business with you.


3 thoughts on “New York, New York

  1. “I attempted to eat the cupcake while simultaneously walking and holding an umbrella….Part of the cupcake dropped into my purse.”


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