The American Returns to Her Roots

French Word(s) of the Day: États-Unis (eh-taz ooo-nee)- United States

I’ve been back in the US for several months.  Why haven’t I updated? Because I’m a failure.

My last few weeks were spent trying to see everything I hadn’t and also trying to give away pretty much everything I owned in order to keep within the baggage allowance on my plane.  Shipping anything to the US bigger than a postcard costs most people’s yearly salaries.

Because everyone has been asking, my final pain au chocolat count came to 90. If I’d had two more days, it would have been 100.  Of course, if I had 10 pain au chocolat in 2 days, my chances of using a barf bag for the first time ever would have been 100%.

I’ve had a few requests to keep this blog up in the US, and I plan on it!  I shall forever be French with an American accent!  That, and my domain name renewed itself so if I don’t use it it’s just sitting there.

I shall keep you updated on my Americanness in the next entry.  Best to keep the French and Americans apart.

À plus tard!

FINAL pain au chocolat count: 90


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