And I’m back…

French Word(s) of the Day: J’ai revenu (zhay rev-eh-new)- I have returned.

I FINALLY HAVE A FLIGHT TO/ FROM PARIS THAT WASN’T CANCELLED!!!!!!  (If you’ll recall, both my flight here and flight home for the fall semester were.)  This time mother nature and American Airlines decided to work in peaceful harmony.

Wednesdays aren’t prime flying days, it turns out.  It was easily the least-full flight I’ve ever been on.  Several rows were empty.  I had all three seats in the middle to myself, and was able to lie down to sleep.

And yet somehow that’s the worst I’ve ever slept on a flight.  Normally when I’m on a plane and forced to stay sitting up, I sleep like a baby.   Put me in a comfortable position and I don’t sleep.

My body stopped making sense several years ago.

Théo took off the morning so he could meet me at the airport and help me take my bags back to my place.  He left me with the instructions not to sleep for very long…. which I ignored, sleeping for 3 hours.  (It was almost more, but I forced myself to wake up.)

And now I’m going to a dinner that I will probably sleep through.  I hope no one gets offended.

Pain au chocolat count: 40


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