More Snow?

French Word of the Day: annulé (ah nul eh)- cancelled

I woke up this morning at 7am, all prepared to get to the airport and take my flight home to Chicago.

Imagine my shock and horror when I found out that my flight had been cancelled.  I was completely confused when I looked outside and saw no snow.  Did a snowflake fall at the airport?  Did everyone go on vacation?

Actually this time it’s London’s fault.  They can’t handle snow either, so France cancelled 25% of its flights to accommodate them.  Mine was one of the lucky ones.

I called American Airlines, and the voice said, “The current wait time is 21 minutes.”

That was 2 hours ago.

I tried calling the French desk, but they open late on the weekends, because it’s France.


Five minutes later:

After 2 hours of holding, AA decided to drop my call.  Recalled them and was told my wait time would be over an hour.  The French desk also has me on hold.

Does anyone have a private jet they would like to lend me?  Much appreciated.


The French desk answered my call after 10 minutes.  This is probably the only time in the history that France has been faster than America.

I leave Tuesday.  Still accepting private jet offers.

Pain au chocolate count: 39  (going to have at least two today)


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