Walking Everywhere Instead of Taking the Metro: So In Right Now

French Word of the Day: marcher (mar-shay)- to walk

You’ve got to give it to the French: they sure are persistent.  Thursday, they’re launching an even bigger strike.  I think this time public transportation is going to be basically shut down.  Seems like I may have to finally figure out how to walk to school.

I also have to go meet my lupus doctor for the first time on Thursday.  I don’t even remember where he is, but that’s going to be interesting.

There’s a possibility that I might be improving in my oral French skills.  When I order food, people don’t stare at me as though I’m speaking Russian to them.  I also was able to properly act out the part of an angry customer to the point where my teacher kept laughing at everything I said and proclaimed me to be the most difficult customer she’d ever met.

And she’s FRENCH.

After class, Théo met me at my school and brought me a pain au chocolat.  Going for the Best Boyfriend Ever award?  I think yes.

All-in-all today was a pretty decent day other than learning about the strike.  And now I have to go do homework about the past prefect tense (passé simple).  Incredibly useful, the past perfect.  It’s a tense no one ever uses unless they’re writing a book.

If I ever write a book in French, I’ll be grateful for this.  Probably.  Not.  (It can be avoided even if you’re writing a book.)

Pain au chocolat count: 23!!!!


4 thoughts on “Walking Everywhere Instead of Taking the Metro: So In Right Now

  1. Jenny Williams says:

    Oh my gosh!! I remember learning the passe simple. I hated it! I remember yelling at my teacher being like who in their right mind ever needs to learn this!! RAWR! lol Good luck! It’s pretty annoying.

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