Many, Many Manifestations

French Word of the Day: toujours (too-jor)- still (as in, we’re still striking?), always, forever

Yes, the French are still striking.  Everyone seems to think I’m in the middle of all the riots that appear on the news.

Let me set the record straight: The only riots I’ve seen are the ones where everyone in Paris tries to get in the same metro car at the same time.  If it’s not the entirety of Paris, it’s at least half of them.  Apparently we all take the exact same metro at 8:30 am.  And again at 5:15 pm.

The Senate passed the bill to up the retirement age on Wednesday.  Did this stop the strikes?  Of course not.  This is France, baby.

My friend did participate in the manifestations that are going on everywhere.  There’s been some concern from the youth that there will be less jobs for them if everyone is staying in their jobs for two years longer.  Is this a valid concern?  Do you need to have valid concerns to start yelling in streets?

He read his account of the manifestation to all of us (I assume it was written for a paper… Not sure.), and I think he got threatened by a police officer?  I have no idea.  I need to learn how to understand French-speakers who are my age.  He made a motion like he was being choked by another person.  I’m going purely on gestures here.

I got my service learning assignment.  I haven’t started yet, but I have it!  I’ll be working with La 20e Chaise (it’s in the 20th arrondissement and the Chaise is because it’s by Pere Lachaise- the cemetary where Jim Morrison and Oscar Wilde and… everyone famous ever is buried).  They do all kinds of things with the community.  For example, they have sewing classes so that poorer women (and men, I assume) can take on sewing projects for extra money.

Some of the high schoolers have asked for English lessons.  They’ve asked for native English speakers to teach them.  As a native English speaker, I’m happy to help.  I’ll start after my school break finishes in two weeks.  I’m supposed to use movie clips and songs and whatnot to teach.  We’ll see how that goes!

Pain au chocolat count: 22


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