French Word of the Day: foyer (foy-yay)- a dorm-living place for students and young adults with internships usually between 18-25 years of age

I’ve made it to Paris and foyer number one!

I move into foyer number two (and get my own room, bathroom, and kitchette) in one week!

For now, I’m in one next to Notre Dame.  We arrived on Saturday, and the director said, “I can’t show you around.  Here’s a key.  I’ll show you tomorrow.  Or you can ask one of the girls.”

There were no girls to be found.  I entered my room, and saw that my roommate was gone.  I found a sink and bidet in the room and showers in the hall, but I could not find a toilet.  As someone who frequently uses one, I thought this was an important omission.

I did finally meet my roommate, Cris.  Like last time, she’s a Spanish girl from Madrid.  And, like last time, she’s awesome. She’s not great at French or English, so we’ve been mixing French, Spanish, and English.

She asked me what kind of music I liked, and I told her anything but country.  She didn’t know what that was, so I youtubed Kenny Chesney’s “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy.”  Cris decided that she also disliked country.

I didn’t actually have class today!  Shelley told the school we’d be missing.  My old schedule had five classes, one on each day of the week.  Monday-Friday.  None of them overlapped days.  Today, Shelley gave me a new schedule and said, “I didn’t notice that two of your classes were at the same time, so here’s a new schedule.”

Maybe she didn’t realize they were at the same time but different days?  Anyway, my new schedule is better because I don’t have class on Fridays!!!!!!!  Yay sleep!!!!

I took Jenna to Arnaud’s.  I don’t think I warned her about how American he is, but she figured it out.  American rap music greeted us at the door.  Arnaud made us crepes and put hot dogs and ketchup in them (they were quite good… just not what you’d expect) 😉  He also put on ESPN and we (or rather THEY) watched a football game.  We also had Coke.  (The drink, not the drug.)  It was rather like being in the US.

I missed Paris.  I’m glad to be back.  🙂

Pain au chocolat count: 14


5 thoughts on “Foyer

  1. She thinks my tractor’s sexy?!?! Really Meghan? REALLY??

    How about a GOOD country song, like something by Tim McGraw? It’s Your Love?? How about Little Big Town or Zac Brown Band or Sugarland??

    You are not qualified to introduce anyone to country music. *sigh*

    Love ya!

    1. yeah, yeah, yeah… i’ll show her one of those but she still probably won’t like it that much. europeans don’t understand the country thing. we both agreed that popular lady antebellum song is ok.

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