French Word of the Daydormir (door-meer)- to sleep

It’s about 9:40 pm (or 21h41 if you want to write it French-style) on a Saturday (and by that I mean Friday… see?  tired!), and I plan on going to sleep in roughly 5 minutes.  Meghan knows how to parrrrr-tay!!!!!

Tomorrow we return to Paris and have a ridiculously full day.  I’m moving for what will be the third time since my arrival in France.  Only one more to go after that…  I’m writing today because I have no idea how the internet in the place I’m staying will be.  Hopefully good.  If not, never fear!!!  I shall find a way!!!

I bought my Tours family flowers and a card.  They enjoyed it, and told me that they hope the next girl who comes is as nice as me.  🙂  (I hope so, too… she’ll be there for 6 months.)  They might come see me in Paris, and Larence (my host mom) gave me her email address so that I can send her news.

It was our last day at the Institut de Touraine.  We found out that it was our teacher’s very last day as well!  She retired today after 30 years of teaching there.  We felt uber-lucky to have had her and her awesome self as a teacher.

Did I mention that the Institut is actually a huge mansion?  It looks like this:

One can only learn French in a pretty building.  It’s a well-known fact.  Our room is on the very right on the first floor.  The window is cut off a bit, but you can see the balcony.

Jenna, Qingfan, and I went to a cafe after lunch to celebrate our final day in Tours.  We found a place with nutella creme-brulee, which tastes just as amazing as it sounds.  No pain au chocolat, but it’s okay.  They have plenty in Paris!!!!

Carla to answer your question, I haven’t read any books yet.  It takes me the same amount of time to read one French article as it does for me to read the entire Harry Potter series in English.  I assume Charlie and the Chocolate Factory in French will take the entirety of my year here.

Only joking.  I hope.

Pain au chocolat count: 12


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