French Word of the Day: l’automne (aw tum)- autumn

Fall ends tomorrow, and with it, my opportunities to post the 5 thousand pictures I’ve taken on my phone.  (A season is only good to me if it’s photogenic.)

In case you all thought I was languishing at home like some 19th century writer, depressed about being ill and frail (5000% of 19th century writers had tuberculosis), here’s some proof that I’ve been going out and enjoying myself rather than writing depressing sonnets in iambic pentameter.

I hope you’re all ready for some orange.

I’ve never tried the gallery thing before, but the Mayan Apocalypse is tomorrow, so I thought I’d try something new before oblivion sets in.

It’s snowing.  Bring it on, winter*!

*Dear Winter, I’m kidding.  Please don’t.