Day 1

French Word(s) of the Day: la quarantaine (la care-awn-ten)- quarantine

Days in Quarantine: 6
Time in Shelter in Place: 1 hour

As many of you may have guessed, I now have a little bit more time on my hands.  I’ve heard a rumor some of you might as well.

My immuno-compromised self started working from home the day after I found out there was a Covid-19 positive person in the next town over.

I had to admit, it’s been pretty interesting to see people behaving the way I have for the past 15 years: avoiding sick people, washing hands before eating, eating all day long, bringing hand sanitizer everywhere, and hoarding all the food.  Hopefully everyone remembers how to wash their hands when we get through this, but I’m not holding out much hope based on the number of “how to wash your hands” instructions going around.

We went to the grocery store today to pick up my medicine, and I took some photos of all the empty shelves for posterity.


The grocery store was pretty tame (I assume everyone got their panic shopping out of the way earlier this week), but the parking lot for Home Depot was a ZOO. (We did not go in.  There was no way people were the recommended 6 feet away from each other.)  I’ve been seeing all the cooking shows people put on social media this past week with ingredients from their stockpiled groceries, so I assume next week will be filled with mini home improvement shows.  Chip and Joanna Gaines are no longer making new episodes for HGTV, and the masses are READY to fill their spots!

You should expect to see more posts in the coming weeks.  Now that I’m stuck at home unable to leave, I’ve never been more interesting and exciting.


4 thoughts on “Day 1

  1. Anne McClary says:

    Meghan, I was so excited to see the email that you had a new post. You are a great and fun writer and enjoyed this immensely, and also wish you well – stay healthy!

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