Paris Toute Seule

French Word of the Day: toute seule (toot soul)- all by myself (but not like the Celine Dion song)

I went to Paris almost exactly a year ago (and I’ve been working on this post almost as long).  These were a lot easier to write when I was a student with hours of free time.  This “real job” thing is no joke!

My Paris femme, Jenna, was studying there for her dissertation, and I wanted the chance to go and reminisce about all my old haunts without having to go to every single tourist destination.


Obviously, my other goal was to have as many pain au chocolat as possible.  Which I did.


And what trip to France is complete without a proper crepe?




I still managed to take photos of the classic places…


…But I was more interested in my old neighborhoods.  I spent most of my days wandering around them all and winning all the Fitbit step challenges.


And some wonderful friends.


I even got to see some family 🙂


All in all, a wonderful trip!  And I wanted to go back before I’d even gotten on the plane.

À bientôt Paris!


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