Gay Pride Parade

French Word of the Day: l’homosexualité (lome-oh sex-ewe-al-it-eh)- homosexuality

I had never been to a Gay Pride Parade, and I figured it was about time after 25 years.  If you don’t love color, you should probably skip this post. My friends and I each took a different color of the rainbow:

Rocio took this picture, but she was a lovely shade of pink.  (Clothing wise, not skin wise.)
Rocio took this picture, but she was a lovely shade of pink. (Clothing-wise, not skin-wise.)


The Pride Parade is easily one of the happiest parades I’ve ever been to.  Everyone was laughing, dancing and screaming- it was like Disney World with less expensive merchandise.

I’ve never seen so many things handed out in a single parade.  By the end, we had no less than 25 of each object: temporary tattoos, bracelets, flyers, pins, frisbees, flags… Whoever has to clean up the streets is having fun right now.

I took quite a few pictures.  Unfortunately, I’m short, so half the pictures are full of the hands, arms and heads of everyone in front of me. Okay, now full speedo ahead!

Territorial Rainbow

Rainbow FlagsRainbow Boys

Elphba and Glinda!
Elphba and Glinda!



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