French Word of the Day: sourire (sue- rear)- smile

The face below is the face of a girl who is RESPONDING WELL TO CHEMO!  Positive test results are in! She’s not getting sick for nothing!



About The Meghan

I'm a lupus survivor who spent a year and a half in France. Now, I'm trying to incorporate the best parts of French culture into an American lifestyle.
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12 Responses to Sourire

  1. siobhan says:

    I’ve been smiling all day!!!!

  2. Connor Chadwick says:


  3. Ann says:

    Meg I’m so happy for you. Glad to hear the chemo is working. More chemo. More Ginger beer afterwards.

  4. Anonymous says:

    A beautiful smile!! This has been a wonderful day.

  5. Connor Chadwick says:

    That is such great news!

  6. susiruss says:

    Hip Hip Hoorray!!! love, Aunt Susi
    Hip Hip HOOOOOOORAY!!! love, Uncle Rus

  7. Anne McClary says:

    Dear Meghan,
    the McClarys

  8. Joan Bertucci says:

    Best news ever!!!!!

  9. Mary Smith says:

    Wonderful news!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Great, great news……stay strong !!!

  11. Nancy says:

    Congratulations!! Great news!! Ginger Ale for all!

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