Les Fleurs et Le FASHION

French Word of the Day: fleurs (fl-eh)- flowers

I have no idea if I’m repeating words of the day… I should probably make a list of the ones I’ve done, but that involves me being less lazy so it’s not going to happen any time soon.

Because I don’t have courses this week, I’ve been going to work everyday.  I wrote another article with mostly French sources about the Ivory Coast’s newspapers, which the New York Times has linked to on its page for the country (see the “Headlines Around the Web” section)!  I’m glad, because I thought the English-speaking press was ignoring it, and I think it’s a really important story.

Our team has been really interested in the Royal Wedding.  Federica and I try to slip in things from time to time, but today we got an actual story on it.  Teemu, the new Finnish intern and only male, wrote it.  As he has no interest in it (actually, that’s not true… he scorns it, which is technically interest), he was the one who got to write it.

It was his idea to write about it, so I think he secretly wants to be there for it.  I don’t take his excuse of “there was nothing else to write about and it seems important, blah, blah, blah.”

I don’t know if he’d been afraid of us before, but he certainly is after today.  Emma, Federica, and I sent him tons of links and photos.  I don’t believe the Editor’s Weblog has ever had an article that was such a complete group effort before.  At one point, Teemu said, “Does one of YOU want to finish it for me?”  The end result can be found here.  (The teabag picture was one of my contributions.  I’ll be looking for some when I go to England next week.)

As promised, it’s time for the low-down on French fashion.  What’s in for this spring/summer?

Flower prints:

All the flower prints are reminding me of 1995 and also that it’s allergy season.

Tights with shorts:

(I stole all these from offline.)  If you’re a true Parisian, you only wear BLACK tights.  Other tights would make you stand out too much.  The point of being fashionable is to blend in and look like everyone else.  I’m actually glad that someone started this trend, because short shorts alone look good on models… and that’s about it.

Bensimon sneakers:

I think we can all agree these are the fugliest sneakers ever invented.  Regardless, the French LOVE them.  God knows why, and he’s the only one.  I personally think they look like Converse’s stupider, cheaper, less attractive brother.

Suit Jackets:

Fashion suit jackets make EVERYONE look put together.  Parisians try to counteract this (no one must ever look TOO put together) by styling their hair in messy buns that look as thought they’ve been attacked with a weed whacker.

Messy Buns:

This is not messy enough, but you get the general idea.  Google wasn’t working with my “REALLY messy hair” requests.

Ballet Flats with Leggings:

Reese Witherspoon knows how to channel her inner Frenchwoman.  Ballet flats go with everything.  I know what you’re thinking: “But they have no support.”  Well, neither do these:


But comfort is not a French concern.  You’re thinking like a nonfashionable person.  Although, if you really want comfort, you can try these:

Brogue Shoes:

The French are more forgiving of color when it appears in shoes, but black is always best.

Basically, look like this girl:

Although she looks like she’s eating, so I’m not sure she’s actually French.

I’d tell you to get shopping, but chances are that all these styles will have changed by tomorrow.  Except for the Bensimon shoes (picture found by googling “ugly French sneakers”), which have been popular for over two years.  I’m assuming this is because ugly stands the test of time.

Pain au chocolat count: 76


2 thoughts on “Les Fleurs et Le FASHION

  1. Alyssa says:

    I can get on board with some of those French fashions. Brogue shoes and tights with shorts? Eh…not so much, monsieur

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