Gold Stars and Birthday Crowns

French Word of the Day: reine (ren)- queen

It’s my lovely Aunt Susi and cousin Bridget’s birthday today, so I’ve made them sparkly crowns (I tried tiaras, but they looked more like blobs of yellow).  May they have many more birthdays!

My Aunt Cheryl sent me a FABULOUSLY YUMMILICIOUS box of truffles (chocolate cures EVERYTHING except obesity), so she’s getting a gold star, as well.  God, I love my family!

Glitter hearts, sparkly hearts, and stars are now the most frequently searched terms to find my blog.  I also had one “glitter boyfriends.”  I’m glad this is how everyone is getting to know me, and also that people actually search those terms.

It’s International Women’s Day tomorrow, so I hope all the women will be celebrating.  I’ve been lucky enough to be surrounded by a ton of them, so if you’re reading this, I sparkly heart you mucho!  Have chocolate on me!

*EDIT* Thanks to Uncle Hank for the chocolates too, of course!!!!!!!  They are very much appreciated!

Pain au chocolat count: 61


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