French Word of the Day: pourquoi (pour- kwa)- why

I think everyone should know that “sparkly hearts” and “sparkly hearts pretty” are the top searches for my blog in the past few days.  Ça me plaît beaucoup.

Today I finished my class at L’Etoile (the star), the school I’ve been attending for the past four weeks.  My real classes start this next week, as does my internship.

I’m a bit worriedone of my classes because one of my grammar teachers- Madame DuBois- was my Business French teacher… the one who liked to assign entire workbooks for homework.  She’s also not so fond of Americans.  She corrected my grammar 8 times more than the other people in the class, and I’m pretty sure it’s not because I was 8 times worse than everyone else (maybe just 7 times worse).  It wasn’t even a grammar class!  I expect this time will be worse.  And there will be more accusations about how Americans have destroyed the Earth with their “McDonald’s”.

God, I hope there’s another American in the class to diffuse the anger.

My internship, however, should be lovely.  English is my favorite language, mostly because I can actually speak it without someone correcting my pronunciation.

To prepare for the craziness that will be next week, I’m doing my laundry now.  (On a Friday evening… I’m such a rock star.)  As you are all well aware of, French washing machines do not like me.  I somehow have managed to keep all my clothes their original color, but I highly suspect that I broke one of the machines.  And by highly suspect, I mean it keeps flashing “Stop!!!!” in French and won’t let me put any clothes in it.

How did it break?  I don’t know.  I followed the instructions!  I only filled it up halfway with clothes.  It was on the proper settings…  I think it knows I’m American.  Madame DuBois must have told it.  Or maybe I’ve been speaking to it in English and it only understands French?  The button says “Start” in English.  I assumed it was a bilingual machine.

I’m getting tired of needing perfect change to do laundry.  The next place I move is going to have a washing machine that doesn’t speak French or require special coins or turn my clothes blue.

*EDIT*: I just figured out that the machine is going on strike.  It’s the only explanation.  It really IS a French machine…

Pain au chocolat: 55 (I bought one today to make change for the laundry)


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