Une Grand Fête

French Word of the Dayanniversaire (anne-ih-verse-air)- birthday

My birthday was yesterday, so naturally a party was in order.  My friend, William, had his birthday last week, so we gathered forces and made a double party.  (I have a twin.  I don’t know how to have a party where it’s just me.  I need to share.)

We know how to throw a party.

Théo talked to the owner of this bar we go to all the time, and he set up the bar for us.  We took over the whole thing.

It was really nice to have a party where I actually knew everyone who was invited.  (With the exception of 4 of William’s friends, all of whom spent the night hitting on some of my American friends.)

Sam was also there.  He actually mentioned the blog.  He said, “So my mom tells me you have a blog.  She read the LOTR entry.  Could you give her a shout out and let her know that I’m really sorry I haven’t been able to take some of her calls?  I’m always busy when she calls.”

Shout out to Mrs. Kunkel!

I asked him if he wanted the address of the blog and he said, “It’s okay, I’ll just ask my mom.”  Sam, if you ever actually read this, I hope I gave an accurate presentation of your message.

Théo made me a cake (brownie cake) for my birthday because I love cake.  He even half-baked it so that the center would be gooey.  This is because “Meghan likes not-fully-cooked things” which is in reference to my consumption of raw cookie dough.  (Is it my fault it tastes better than the actual cookies?)  And also a reference to my getting a half baked chocolate cake (mi-cuit) whenever it’s available on the menu for dessert.

The Americans all left around midnight, missing by just moments the striptease one of my guy friends deemed it was absolutely necessary I have.  I thought he was kidding until he took off his shirt.  We made him keep his boxers on.  After all, it was a birthday party not a bachelorette party.

I took a picture of him taking his shirt off, but I don’t know that he would want me to put it on here.  I assume alcohol was present in his decision to disrobe.

The owner gave me free drinks all night, which was extremely generous of him.  I didn’t have that many, to the chagrin of several of my friends.  But our program is going to Versailles today.  I didn’t want to have to say, “Was this Marie Antoinette’s vase, or am I allowed to throw up in it?”

William and I both had so much fun that he insisted we do it again next year.  When I told him I wasn’t sure if I’d still be in France, he said, “No, you will.  You must.”

It was definitely a good birthday, so I’d do it again.

Pain au chocolat count: 50 (how appropriate to reach this number for my birthday.  I had two yesterday for breakfast)


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