Jouer un jeu… ou avec feu?

French Words of the Day: jeu (joo)- a game; feu (foo)- fire

I’m not willing to wake up early for just anyone, but I made an exception on my parents’ last day here.  Yesterday, we went for pain au chocolats at my favorite bakery early in the morning.

And then they left, which was sad, but I see them in a month.

Last night to make me feel better, Théo took me to his friend’s apartment for a mini soiree.  I was the only girl, but they’re French, so they didn’t care.  The guys were playing a game where you everyone writes down the name of a well-known person (dead, alive, cartoon… doesn’t matter).  You have a partner and they try to guess the person based on the clues you give them.

I was afraid to play because I had a feeling I wouldn’t know any of the people they wrote down and vice versa.  French people love soccer.  The only soccer players I can name are ones married to former Spice Girls.

They decided to be nice and write mostly American actors and characters along with Carla Bruini.  I only had to change one of mine because no one could guess his name.  It think it was probably the only time in my life where the males in the room had an easier time guessing Hugh Grant over Hugh Hefner.

I was partnered with Théo by a stroke of luck (we drew from a bowl), and so I was able to play the game in franglais rather than français.  We didn’t win, but we weren’t the worst team.  That has to count for something.  I mean, there were French people in there I didn’t know- mostly soccer players.  Coming in second wasn’t bad.

We had a fire alarm today.  It conveniently started right around the time everyone starts making dinner.  Because of this fact, I assumed that it was someone who wasn’t very good at cooking.

It turns out it was a well-facilitated drill.

They had us all line up on the sidewalk in the cold (I grabbed my coat before exiting my room- go me), and afterward rounded us all up into the party room.  (It has another name, but who cares?  It’s in French.)  Waiting for us was a fireman.

I’m now positive that the timing was strategic.  The talk lasted for an hour.  The fireman showed us roughly 3,000 videos of things being set on fire.  By the end, I was convinced that my cellphone and computer were going to spontaneously light on fire over the night and that I was going to accidentally set my room on fire while cooking.

As we left, two of the directors were handing out cookies and fruit.  I assume this was their way of saying, “We know we terrified you to the point where none of you will be able to prepare food tonight.  Have a cookie to tide you over until the bakeries reopen tomorrow.”

Fear not, I have eaten tonight.  I had a little chat with my stove and we both agreed not to set anything on fire today.

Pain au chocolat count: 29 (thanks mom and dad!)


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