A Little Bit of Wine with Your Cheese?

French Word of the Day: pompette (pomp-et)- drunk/ tipsy (for a girl)

I learned that word today at the wine tasting.  There was also cheese which I’m told was mostly really good.  Patrick, our wine connoisseur, gave me extra wine because he felt bad that I couldn’t eat the cheese.  We had 5 glasses of wine in total.

For all of you who are worried that I’m wasted, fear not!  I learned the word “pompette” when Patrick used it to described Roanne.  She got the glasses of wine I wouldn’t finish in addition to the glasses Jenna and Courtney (another girl from the group) wouldn’t finish.  (It’s called a wine tasting, not a wine binging.  No judgments for not finishing all five, please.)  In total, I believe she had close to fourteen glasses of wine in two hours.

I’m impressed she was still standing properly.

She wasn’t too tipsy; she just got a bit friendlier.  At one point she turned to me and said, “You’re funny!  You’re really funny.  You don’t look like it, but you are.”  I’ve decided to take this as a compliment.  It’s probably a bad thing if people look at you and say, “Well, she must be funny…”

Shelley told us we would have trouble being funny in French and probably shouldn’t attempt it.  Of course, I haven’t headed this advice when it comes to the journals our French teacher makes us write.  I can’t just write, “I went on a tour of a castle today.  It was fun!  There were windows and stairs!  I also saw a garden.”  No.  Mine say things like, “We went on a tour today and blocked the sidewalk.  A lady with her dog yelled at us, but it was hard to take her seriously as she was wearing a florescent green tracksuit.”  My teacher thought it was interesting.  I mean, the woman wears a scarf with skulls on it.  Normal won’t fly with her.  I also told her I’m a writer.  I can’t write awful journals; that would be against my nature.  Besides, I have Thèo and Arnaud to teach me how to say “florescent green” (vert fluo).  I’m wasting resources if I don’t use them.

Thursday is the night à la mode for going out.  Of course, my numerous clubbing outfits (all two of them) are in Paris, so I’m going for the student-who-just-came-from-class look.  French girls dress less sluttily than Americans; I’ll be fine.

I won’t be staying out too late because I have some kind of test tomorrow.  I’m not really worried about it, but I would prefer not to sleeping during it.

Pain au chocolat count: 7 (sad)


3 thoughts on “A Little Bit of Wine with Your Cheese?

  1. Clare says:

    You made me laugh out loud when I pictured someone looking at a girl thinking “she must be funny..”

    I want to get lost in your writings on women in green fluorescent skull scarfs

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