24 Hours ‘Til Paris

French Word of the Day: avion (ah-vee-own)- airplane

The pronunciations I put after the French words are my own take on them.  Really, it doesn’t matter how you pronounce the word; the French will pretend they can’t understand regardless.  This is probably because they’ve learned how to say words 30 times faster than the average human being.  When you ask them to slow down, they speaker faster.  Ironically, this is the only thing they do quickly.

I’m leaving on a jet plane in a few hours.  How am I spending my last night?  Cleaning?  Sleeping?  Finding the solution for world peace?

Nope.  I’m watching youtube videos and writing this blog.

I checked in for my flight already.  They gave me an aisle seat.  Some of you are probably thinking, “Well that sucks!  You should have gone for a window seat!”

I have three words for you: eight hour flight

I want to be able to freely walk to the bathroom without having to wake up the person in the seat next to me by accidentally landing on top of them when I try to gracefully climb over them.  You can’t be graceful on a moving plane.

Or rather, I can’t.  I have enough trouble walking on smooth, unmoving surfaces.

My fingers are crossed that I won’t be stuck next to someone who:

  1. Feels the need to share their life story… more than once
  2. Snores loudly
  3. Is under the age of four
  4. Has an unpleasant odor
  5. Is any combination of the four above

Pray for me and my sanity.

Someone found my last post by typing in “french musical film happy” in a search engine.  Even though my post won’t help them find any, this brings me much happiness.  It probably would have been better for them, though, if the search engine had said “No results.”  It also would have been more accurate.


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