Hasta La Bye Bye and a Merci

French Word of the Day: MERCIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!! (mare-sea)- thank you (excitedly written)

Thank you so much to everyone who donated to the Lupus Walk/ was a part of the Lupus Walk.  You guys, we raised a LOT of money!

I was so touched by you all coming.  Really, it meant a lot.  They forgot my speech, but I would have definitely thanked you all in it.  You rock, and couldn’t do what I do without you.

Tank supports Lupus.  (Courtesy of Aunt Kathy)
Tank supports Lupus. (Courtesy of Aunt Kathy)

It’s been an exhausting few weeks.  Now that everything’s all wrapped up, I’m on my way to Paris!  I’ve been pretty much worthless with excitement all day today.

Pain au chocolat here I come!


Ain’t No Party Like a Lupus Party

French Word of the Day: musique (mew- seek)- music

Yesterday was the kick off party for the Lupus Foundation of America, Illinois Chapter’s 2013 walks.   (There will be 5, but I’m only forcing you all to go to the Chicago one.  And by forcing, I mean using my Jedi mind tricks.)

I feel like all my photos should come with an "I never studied photography" warning.
I feel like all my photos should come with an “I never studied photography and this was taken with my camera phone” warning.

Due to Mother Nature’s determination to make the Chicagoland area America’s newest underwater attraction, the fête wasn’t as heavily attended as they were hoping.  (Side note: I hope everyone’s homes are okay!)  But there were still plenty of people there despite the rain, such as these attractive ladies:

Rocio and Katherine were lured by the free pool tables.
Rocio and Katherine workin’ the free pool tables.
My beautiful sister also showed her support and her shmancy watch.
My beautiful sister also showed her support and her shmancy watch. For those of you worried about all the cups around her, they contain non alcoholic beverages.  Probably.

Rocio sent out an email to our coworkers, and several of them gave us donations even though they couldn’t come.  It was lovely to have their support, as well!

I know, I know.  I emailed none of you.  I fail.  I’ll make it up to you by inundating you with reminders about the lupus walk. 12 a day everyday until September 29th- that sounds appropriate, right?

Enjoy the lupus love, but what you should really take from this photo is that Alyssa and my no-chip manicures still look FABULOUS a week and half after getting them.
Enjoy the lupus love, but what you should really take from this photo is that Alyssa and my no-chip manicures still look FABULOUS a week and half after getting them.

More Committee

French Word(s) of the Day: faire des progrès (fair day pro-gray)- to make progress

There has been another walk committee meeting.  They’re all women after my own heart- almost everyone brought food.  They also made plans for bringing more food next time.

I promise that food was not the only thing we discussed.  Although food takes up 75% of my thoughts, it only took up about 1% of our committee time.  Clearly, I’m not the one who runs the meetings or this percentage would be higher.  “Yes, I like what you’re saying about the runners, but did I hear you say you know how to make the best apple cobbler?  I think we’ll need to test that next meeting.”

I continue to be impressed by how on top of things everyone is.  It’s the opposite of those awful school projects where only one person (usually me) did all the work.  People do what they’ll say they will, and then they do EXTRA things on top of that. I’m really not used to other people I’m working with being responsible.  (Other than the people at my job.  But even then, only my direct team.  Not anyone else’s.)  I keep thinking there’s going to be a catch.

We’ve gotten a solid head start from last year.  The race route has been chosen!  (Again, I will not be running.  I have a theory that you should only run if you’re being chased or have to go to the bathroom.)

The person on the other side of this wall has a reason to run.
The person at the other end of the stone tunnel has a reason to run.

With all these fabulous ladies hard at work, I’m pretty positive this year will be the best yet.

We’ve been considering some new ideas for spreading the word about the walk, and there’s a chance we might need some volunteers.  I’ll keep you all posted!

Purple Tutu

French Word of the Day: tutu (tew-tew)- tutu

My chemotherapy session had to be rescheduled to the 20th because the hospital didn’t put me properly in the system.  I managed to rearrange my schedule to fit theirs, further proving my point that I am a scheduling goddess and they- for lack of a better term- suck.

We’ve officially got a date for the Lupus Walk this year!  It’s September 29th, so I hope you’ve all got your purple wardrobes ready.

I won’t have to search for mine.  My cousin, Bridget, has taken care of that for me.  She sent me this in the mail:

This is what happens when Meghan's roommate leaves her alone.
This is what happens when Meghan’s roommate leaves her alone.
Puprle Tutu
The sunglasses were also a gift for my birthday, so those were an essential part of my ballet costume.

I understand why ballerinas like to dance- it’s absolutely the tutus.  They make your legs want to stand up and DANCE.  (Mainly because sitting in a tutu is rather difficult.)

Now, don’t you all want to put on your purple tutus and join my team?  Of course you do.

Lupus Walk Committee

French Word of the Day: violet (vee-oh-lay)- purple

My chemo session is officially February 13th, but I have been reassured that this will in no way affect my Lady Gaga concert experience that night.  This is really more relevant for the people who are going to be sitting directly in front of me, because you know I’d still be going to that concert even if I was getting sick.  So people in front of me, you’re safe.

I’m still doing my part to search for a cure.  Yesterday, Rocio and I had our first Lupus Walk Committee meeting.  (I found out I wasn’t the only one who was really excited about the tumbler.  We were all about raising money for our cause, but the tumbler is purple.)

Rocio and I (shown here on the left) pretend not to notice there's a camera being focused on us.
Rocio and I (shown here on the left) pretend not to notice there’s a camera being focused on us.

The official date for the Chicago Lupus Walk has yet to be determined.  It’s probably going to be September 22nd, but the city has to approve our date.  As it’s the city of Chicago and this is a walk for a non profit that doesn’t have any money to bribe them, I’m assuming the wait’s going to be awhile.

This year we’re adding a run.  To shake things up, it’ll be some kind of fun run.  (I don’t run unless I’m late.  I will be briskly strolling.)  Rocio and I are gunning for the “purple people eater” theme where everyone just wears insane amounts of purple.  I’d like to throw purple glitter at people too, but I’ve been told they might not appreciate that while they’re running. (Question for the future: where would one buy a purple tutu that is not child-sized?)

If anyone wants to join us, I’ve already started our team page.  Rocio hasn’t joined yet, so I’m already being a better committee member than she is.  Not that it’s a competition, because it’s not.  But if it was, I’d be winning.

I won’t make you wear purple, but I can’t promise not to look disappointed if you don’t.  I’m giving you 8 months notice.  This is far more than the 5 days I gave you last year.  If you’re not in the Chicagoland area or if you’re unwilling to commit to an undetermined September date but still want to donate, here’s a link to my personal page.

If you’re have a business that might be interested in getting a tax break and wants to sponsor, feel free to email me at frenchwithanamericanaccent@gmail.com.  I don’t know what businesses read this, but I did promise to shamelessly beg for money.  Such is the life of a committee member.