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La fête de la Saint-Patrick

French Word(s) of the Day: La fête de la Saint-Patrick (la fet day la sawn pah-treek)- St. Patrick’s Day My next treatment is tomorrow, so I’ve spent my last two weekends having fun honoring my Irish ancestors.  (For the record, this … Continue reading

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Saint Valentin, Le Retour

French Word of the Day: retour (ray- ter)- return This is my fourth time posting this week.  I’m giving everyone a false sense of how prolific I am.  Please don’t expect this next week or ever again.  Normally, I’d wait … Continue reading

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Deux Mille Treize

French Word of the Day: la triskaïdékaphobie (la trisk-ai-deck-ah-phob-ee)- triskaidekaphobia, fear of the number thirteen As many of you know, I’m not so fond of the number thirteen.  Call it superstition or call it being vastly intelligent to all those unfortunate … Continue reading

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French Word of the Day: l’automne (aw tum)- autumn Fall ends tomorrow, and with it, my opportunities to post the 5 thousand pictures I’ve taken on my phone.  (A season is only good to me if it’s photogenic.) In case … Continue reading

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Some Sparkly Hearts for Everyone

French Word(s) of the Day: scintillement (sun-teal-mon)- glitter You can tell it’s that time of year again… Le jour de la Saint–Valentin.  (I don’t know why the French used the feminine definite article for a male saint, but I’m going to … Continue reading

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