Purple Tutu

French Word of the Day: tutu (tew-tew)- tutu

My chemotherapy session had to be rescheduled to the 20th because the hospital didn’t put me properly in the system.  I managed to rearrange my schedule to fit theirs, further proving my point that I am a scheduling goddess and they- for lack of a better term- suck.

We’ve officially got a date for the Lupus Walk this year!  It’s September 29th, so I hope you’ve all got your purple wardrobes ready.

I won’t have to search for mine.  My cousin, Bridget, has taken care of that for me.  She sent me this in the mail:

This is what happens when Meghan's roommate leaves her alone.
This is what happens when Meghan’s roommate leaves her alone.
Puprle Tutu
The sunglasses were also a gift for my birthday, so those were an essential part of my ballet costume.

I understand why ballerinas like to dance- it’s absolutely the tutus.  They make your legs want to stand up and DANCE.  (Mainly because sitting in a tutu is rather difficult.)

Now, don’t you all want to put on your purple tutus and join my team?  Of course you do.


Une Visite!

French Word(s) of the Day: chuis bo (shh-wee bow)- I’m pretty (for men; “chuis bo” is the shortened version of “je suis beau”)

Louis came to America for a visit!  I always try to force people to come and see me, and I’m always shocked when they actually do.

He had his first real Halloween and was very entertained by all the trick-or-treaters.  Before we walked by the Boystown Halloween Parade, we went to Walgreens to get last second costumes.  I thought we’d only be able to find vampire fangs, but we actually found animal hats.

Courtesy of Louis

I know: penguins are a great look for me.  Why do I ever bother NOT wearing this?

Louis also looked fabulous (he even lent his sunglasses to his canine friend):

Courtesy of Louis

Our fashion sense clearly shows that we live/ have lived in Paris.  I expect Chanel to debut these hats soon.

In honor of our attractiveness, we sang this song all week:

Go to 1:10 for the song.  The first minute is them talking.

More to come!  For now, stay pretty.

The Great London Adventure

French Word(s) of the Day: le marriage (leh marr-e-ah-geh)- the wedding

I did very well in the UK.  Will and Kate’s wedding ended up being the perfect vacation.

Vanessa and I went to Stonehenge and Bath on Tuesday.  I won’t describe Stonehenge; you’ve all seen it in photos.  It’s pretty much the same in person, except bigger.  They stopped letting people touch the rocks in the 70’s due to erosion.  I didn’t get to touch it, so it’s uninteresting.

Bath had the Jane Austen Center.  Clearly, the only Austen character any female has ever cared about is Mr. Darcy, because there are about 8,000 photographs of Colin Firth in his Darcy gear gracing the walls.

Wednesday was our official celebrity sighting day.  We stumbled upon Natasha Bedingfield singing at the London Tower.  She was singing for a tv special.

When we got back to the hostel, my new Swiss-Italian friend, Diego, informed me that he knew where Keira Knightley would be singing autographs.  As a celebrity enthusiast, I decided that would be agreeable, and we joined him.

She was speed signing.  I couldn’t even get a good shot of her face, but still it IS her.

Thursday, we filled my Shakespeare love and went to the reproduction of the Globe Theatre.  We bought standing seats (very cheap and the best “seats” in the house) and saw “All’s Well that Ends Well.”  Vanessa and I had to explain some of it to Diego, but he did well considering.  (Shakespeare is confusing enough if English is your first language.)  Thankfully, it didn’t rain, as the standing seats aren’t covered…

We then walked around and stared at all the people in tents outside Westminster Abbey.  Some of them had been camping out for an entire week.  Personally, I like a more comfortable setting with a bed, running water, and heating, but their devotion to the Royals cannot be denied.

I’m not hardcore enough.

Friday, we woke up really early and headed to Hyde Park to watch from the screens.  We were considering lining the streets, but after seeing the people in tents, we knew we’d never get a good spot.  Also, Hyde Park’s screens would show us more of the event.

Luckily, this is where most of the real British people were.  They were sporting a collection of the ugliest hats I’ve ever seen.  Those Brits sure have awful taste in head wear.  I was considering bringing hats back until I saw them.  Now, I think we should be very afraid of them.

My friend, James, came in on Friday night to see me.  He’s in the British Air Force, but they got Friday and they’ll get tomorrow off, so he had/has some free time.  He turned out to be a font of knowledge of the Princes.  They’re both in the Air Force, so he’s had drinks with them and some of his instructors have taught them.  I got to hear a few stories, and am uber jealous.  Although, I guess I would rather not have Prince Harry think of me as a drinking buddy and more as someone who could possibly join him in Holy Matrimony whilest wearing Alexander McQueen.

Posh Spice would absolutely be there.  And Sir Elton.

I’d been seeing “mushy peas” on the menu everywhere.  James said, “They’re even worse than they sound” but insisted I try them at least once.

They’re definitely worse than they sound.  Which really, you have to admit is quite tough to do.  Anything “mushy” already is unappetizing.

They don’t even look like they would taste good.  The fish and mashed potatoes more than made up for them, but why does this exist?

On a related side note, I bought heartburn medication in London.  It was needed.

James then took me on a pub crawl of all his favorites.  I became addicted to this fabulous drink called Pimm’s, which I believe is gin and lemonade.  Much like sangria, they put fruit in it.  I had James pose with it.

(His is the more manly-looking beer in the foreground.  He didn’t join me in the deliciousness that is Pimm’s.)  Check out all the fruit!  I’m pretty sure that counts as a daily serving of fruit.  Five glasses of Pimm’s, and you’re good for the day.

James and I were going to meet the next night because we’d had such a successful and fun bar crawl, but he was still recovering (he even missed his stop on the way home).  Poor kid.  I guess the British just aren’t as skilled at drinking as those of us with Irish in our blood.

Also, Pimm’s probably has less alcohol than beer.  A lot less.  It’s the fruit.

I walked around St. James’ Park on Saturday and saw Buckingham Palace the day after the wedding… not as exciting as the day of.  But I did see this:

Today at the train station, I met another writer!  I had two hours to kill, so I bought a coffee and was writing stories in my notebook at one of those huge, collective, meant-for-6-people tables.  He joined me when the other spaces ran out, and asked for some help on dialogue with a play he’s been writing.  After he found out I was also a writer, he asked me to read the entire play.  He’s going to send the final version to me when it’s finished.

Yeah, I’m expanding my literary connections!  I’m going to have writer friends in all parts of the globe.

I’ve never tried writing at a cafe like that before.  Must make it a habit.

I’ve convinced the members of the group I have to do a speech with on Thursday that the Royal Wedding should be our topic.  OOOOOH YEAH.

Pain au chocolat count: 77

Les Fleurs et Le FASHION

French Word of the Day: fleurs (fl-eh)- flowers

I have no idea if I’m repeating words of the day… I should probably make a list of the ones I’ve done, but that involves me being less lazy so it’s not going to happen any time soon.

Because I don’t have courses this week, I’ve been going to work everyday.  I wrote another article with mostly French sources about the Ivory Coast’s newspapers, which the New York Times has linked to on its page for the country (see the “Headlines Around the Web” section)!  I’m glad, because I thought the English-speaking press was ignoring it, and I think it’s a really important story.

Our team has been really interested in the Royal Wedding.  Federica and I try to slip in things from time to time, but today we got an actual story on it.  Teemu, the new Finnish intern and only male, wrote it.  As he has no interest in it (actually, that’s not true… he scorns it, which is technically interest), he was the one who got to write it.

It was his idea to write about it, so I think he secretly wants to be there for it.  I don’t take his excuse of “there was nothing else to write about and it seems important, blah, blah, blah.”

I don’t know if he’d been afraid of us before, but he certainly is after today.  Emma, Federica, and I sent him tons of links and photos.  I don’t believe the Editor’s Weblog has ever had an article that was such a complete group effort before.  At one point, Teemu said, “Does one of YOU want to finish it for me?”  The end result can be found here.  (The teabag picture was one of my contributions.  I’ll be looking for some when I go to England next week.)

As promised, it’s time for the low-down on French fashion.  What’s in for this spring/summer?

Flower prints:

All the flower prints are reminding me of 1995 and also that it’s allergy season.

Tights with shorts:

(I stole all these from offline.)  If you’re a true Parisian, you only wear BLACK tights.  Other tights would make you stand out too much.  The point of being fashionable is to blend in and look like everyone else.  I’m actually glad that someone started this trend, because short shorts alone look good on models… and that’s about it.

Bensimon sneakers:

I think we can all agree these are the fugliest sneakers ever invented.  Regardless, the French LOVE them.  God knows why, and he’s the only one.  I personally think they look like Converse’s stupider, cheaper, less attractive brother.

Suit Jackets:

Fashion suit jackets make EVERYONE look put together.  Parisians try to counteract this (no one must ever look TOO put together) by styling their hair in messy buns that look as thought they’ve been attacked with a weed whacker.

Messy Buns:

This is not messy enough, but you get the general idea.  Google wasn’t working with my “REALLY messy hair” requests.

Ballet Flats with Leggings:

Reese Witherspoon knows how to channel her inner Frenchwoman.  Ballet flats go with everything.  I know what you’re thinking: “But they have no support.”  Well, neither do these:


But comfort is not a French concern.  You’re thinking like a nonfashionable person.  Although, if you really want comfort, you can try these:

Brogue Shoes:

The French are more forgiving of color when it appears in shoes, but black is always best.

Basically, look like this girl:

Although she looks like she’s eating, so I’m not sure she’s actually French.

I’d tell you to get shopping, but chances are that all these styles will have changed by tomorrow.  Except for the Bensimon shoes (picture found by googling “ugly French sneakers”), which have been popular for over two years.  I’m assuming this is because ugly stands the test of time.

Pain au chocolat count: 76