Danse, Danse, Danse, Danse

French Word of the Day: danse (dawns)- dance

Entertainment is a beautiful form of escapism, and music is one of my favorites.  I’m a big fan of things that are happy and bubbly (I know I hide it well under a dark and depressing exterior), so it comes as no surprise that one of my favorite artists, Mika, sings pop songs.

Many people haven’t heard of Mika, but he’s a fabulous British man who (like me) lived in Paris and speaks fluent French.  I went to one of his first concerts in Chicago, and it was more like a carnival than a concert (in the best way possible).  They handed out lollipops, threw balloons into the audience, and came out on stage dressed in animal costumes.  Basically, he acts exactly like I would if I’d ever made it big as a singer.  Except at my concerts there would be an enormous spray of glitter from the ceiling at the very end.  And possibly a rainbow.

Record labels and concert venue managers would LOVE me.

So you can enjoy Mika’s talent, I’m posting a few songs.  This one has a few swears, but I’m hoping you’ll forgive me when you hear it:

And because we always need more French in our lives:

I’m not the only one who loves Mika.  His live show in Chicago was so popular that it sold out in presales, and tickets never made it to the general public.

My dad is also a Mika fan, and he was unwilling to accept that there weren’t any tickets available.  He began his quest for tickets during my last chemo session and sent out a few emails.  The venue manager took pity on his illness-ridden daughter (moi) and gave us guest passes.  (I’ve probably just spilled some great, unknown secret of the music world.  Oops.)

Mika Lincoln Hall

Our fellow concert goers used the occasion to express their creativity through their clothing.  One of the girls in front of us was wearing a glitter top hat.  I completely supported her because other than Halloween, Mardi Gras, your birthday, New Year’s Eve, and Saturday mornings at my apartment, there are only so many places you can wear a glitter top hat.

Mika’s show began with the most eclectic mix of songs I’ve ever heard- from the Beach Boys to Jay-Z to the Spice Girls to the Little Mermaid, he made sure everyone was represented.

Mika singingMika singing










I realize these are all very blurry.  My phone camera keeps everything in perfect focus until the moment I snap the picture.  I think it’s playing games with me.  I continue to blame the phone; there’s no way it’s user error.

Mika holds the lightbulb tragically

Those fairy lights are going to play a major role in my next apartment.  I will also grab them dramatically while I’m singing, because nothing makes you a better singer than grabbing onto a fairy light.  (It’s the electricity and the pain from being burned.)

Mika, fairy lights, and his gay back up people

Mika, my musical soulmate, I will go to your next concert in Chicago, so please return to me.


My Most Loyal Reader

French Word of the Day: cousin (coo-sawn)- cousin

If anyone were to ever go through the comments on each of my individual posts, they’d find that one person has commented more than everyone else combined: my cousin, Connor.  If it wasn’t for his encouragement,  I probably would have stopped this blog a year ago, but I can always count on a positive comment from him.

Today is Connor’s birthday, and he’s a truly fabulous individual, so he’s getting his own featured post.

Connor’s actually a movie star.  He was in in a documentary called The Long Green Line, which featured him as a runner with cerebral palsy.  This kid can run circles around me, and I’ve always been extremely impressed that he doesn’t let illness or any physical disability stop him from achieving his goals.  As a person with illness and the occasional physical disability, I look up to Connor.

He always has a smile on his face, and he’s the friendliest guy I know.  He can talk to anyone, anywhere.

So Connor: friend, inspiration, runner, and movie star, bon anniversaire!

Connor and me at the Southside Irish Parade


French Word of the Day: maman (mah mah)- mom (or mum, if you want to be British about it)

Many of you (read: most), don’t know my mom, but she’s quite the fabulous lady.  Her name is Siobhan (sha-vohn), and everyone loves her. The woman knows how to live.  She wants to enjoy life now, not in some far distance future.  In my eyes, this is the best philosophy.

She’s extremely witty, and my friends always get really excited whenever I have a new story of her latest adventures.  Our conversation today after someone talked about a robber they’d encountered:

Me: You know who would win against a robber?

Friend #1: Siobhan?  Because she would.

Friend #2: I’d put money on Siobhan.

She would also win in a fight against most super-villains.

My mom is turning 50 today!  Isn’t that awesome?!

So this is my mom:

I know exactly what you’re thinking: she looks goooooooooood for 50.

My genes rock.

It’s also my mom’s musical soulmate, Lady Gaga’s, birthday today.  You may not know this, but my mom and Lady Gaga are friends.

Mom gives her bff, Lady Gaga, a hug

Naturally, I think this song is appropriate for their big day:

Love you, Mom!  Happy birthday!

Betsy’s Wedding

French Word(s) of the Day: sels de bain (sell day bahn)- bath salts

I have just a few more photos from Betsy’s wedding.  (Side note: Betsy’s Wedding is the title of both a book and an apparently awful Molly Ringwald movie.)

My cousin, Todd, let me know that he follows this blog, so he gets a shout out.

He brought two of his daughters to the wedding.  They let me paint their nails, which was very trusting of them as I’m very good at spilling things.  Luckily, everything managed to stay on their nails.

Very classy, ladies!

Betsy had a photo from our grandparents’ wedding.  I rarely get to see any, but I LOVE old photos.  (Look at my grandmother’s hat and my grandfather’s bow tie!  I wonder if there are any more photos…)

For gifts, Betsy put together a table of bath salts.  I know nothing about bath salts, but Todd’s daughter, Hope, is way more bath-salt forward than I am.  She made sure I got the good stuff.

Having the bath salts at the airport was an adventure.  Almost everyone who brought them through security had their bags searched.  Obviously, bath salts are a major security threat.  We can’t have anyone making their baths smell pretty.

I’m not really sure what bath salts actually do.

Everyone is well aware of my love for cake?  Yes?  (A massive cake post will occur in the future.  Wait for it.)

Betsy’s cake passed the Meghan Taste Test. I took several pictures, but managed to capture my twin and myself in the mirror intently staring at it in this one, so it’s the one being chosen.

Betsy’s wedding get’s an A+, unlike the Molly Ringwald version.

An Elvish Chapel

French Word of the Day: la chapelle (lah shap-el)- the chapel

When I think of a destination wedding, beaches and European castles come to mind. One word that doesn’t? Arkansas.

However, having just returned from one there, I must change my opinion. My cousin chose a chapel that looks like something straight out of Lord of the Rings.

Ah, if only all buildings were in the middle of the woods.  Arkansas, well done.