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Gay Pride Parade

French Word of the Day: l’homosexualité (lome-oh sex-ewe-al-it-eh)- homosexuality I had never been to a Gay Pride Parade, and I figured it was about time after 25 years.  If you don’t love color, you should probably skip this post. My friends … Continue reading

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Last Lupron

French Word of the Day: aïe (eye)- ow I’ve gotten my final menopause shot!  I’m in the home stretch here. My back’s been in pain from it for about the past hour and a half.  Whoever said “complaining never helps” … Continue reading

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Cinco de Chemo

French Word of the Day: cinq (sank)- five (I realize I’ve written it in Spanish everywhere else.) Well folks, we’ve reached numero cinco.  My veins weren’t cooperating, so I got stuck twice. You can kind of see the bruise in … Continue reading

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Automated Customer Service

French Word(s) of the Day: le service client (luh serh-vees clee-ont)- customer service I recently got a promotion at work.  (This is why I haven’t updated in a month.)  I now work for the travel department, and I love it.  … Continue reading

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