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Lupus Walk 2012

French Word of the Day: un don– donation I participated in the lupus walk two weekends ago with my younger sister, roommate, and friend, but I’ve been completely blown over by how many people have donated to our team! My … Continue reading

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Panda Cam

French Word of the Day: le panda – panda This has made me lose all productivity today.  But really, how can you have a bad day when there’s this much cute in the world?

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My Most Loyal Reader

French Word of the Day: cousin (coo-sawn)- cousin If anyone were to ever go through the comments on each of my individual posts, they’d find that one person has commented more than everyone else combined: my cousin, Connor.  If it … Continue reading

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How to Quote

French Word of the Day: citation (see-tah-see-own)- quote As an expert procrastinator, I love to look at motivational quotes.  These quotes never motivate me, but I feel like finding them is me being extremely productive.  Oprah has kindly dedicated her … Continue reading

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French Word of the Day: myrtille (mer-teal)- blueberry Nothing quite says the weekend like a batch of pancakes. I snuck out of my apartment this morning before anyone had woken up (in the rain) to get some produce from the … Continue reading

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